MSc Public Administration

University of Twente

Program Description

MSc Public Administration

University of Twente

The Public Administration (PA) master's degree programme highlights public administration and informed approaches (i.e. rooted in policy) to social issues.

As a public administrator, you will be expected to understand the complex administrative relations in networks of public and private organisations and their impact on the quality of administration and policymaking. In addition, you must be able to systematically analyse the implications for various values and interests involved and the tension arising between such concerns as decisiveness and democracy. To effectively evaluate problems and design appropriate solutions, you must have the ability to assess existing knowledge at face value and generate new, relevant knowledge. Moreover, you will be able to use that knowledge as a basis for effective recommendations and their introduction/implementation.


- Environment and Sustainability
- Higher Education
- Policy and Governance
- Public Management
- Public Safety
- Recht en bestuur

Program Structure

A top-quality master’s programme, the PA degree programme of the University of Twente generated an overwhelmingly positive response from an international review committee of authoritative public administration specialists. This committee concluded that the PA master’s programme is leading at both the national and international level.

The one-year PA master’s degree programme is taught entirely in English (with the exception of the Legal Governance specialization) and consists of 60 European Credits (1 EC = 28 hours), divided over four quartiles.

Career Opportunities

The employment prospects of PA graduates are generally good. The international review committee referred to above concluded that ‘the final qualifications of the degree course […] clearly reflect the requirements made by the academic discipline of public administration’. In addition, the committee was completely convinced that the degree course merits being called an ‘academic’ programme and that ‘students acquire necessary academic and research skills’. Given the committee’s glowing assessment of the UT programme both in a national and international sense, it would be fair to say that the career prospects of PA master’s degree course graduates are excellent.

This expectation is supported by past experience. PA graduates over the years have been able to find a job quickly. Approximately 30% of our graduates find jobs with one of many government institutions, viz. the EU, the Dutch government, and municipal and provincial authorities. Another 30% finds work in the private sector as, for example, consultants at commercial consultancy firms; the remaining graduates go to work for social organisations, subsidised institutions, education, housing corporations, etc. Several graduates and current students also work as researchers and educators at universities.

The police is a major employer for graduates who choose for the Public Safety variant of Policy and Governance. The career prospects for graduates that choose Environment and Sustainability within this specialization is very well because of the growing demand for environmental and sustainable growth managers.

Admission Criteria

Public Administration distinguishes two types of (inter)national education;

1.Research Universities (primarily responsible for research-oriented programmes)

2.Universities (college) for professional education (prepares students particular for more practical professions)

The admissions committee has specific requirements depending on your degree. We distinguish two categories: International degree and National degree.

Remark: an applicant with a Dutch nationality and an international degree will be assessed on the admissions requirements as mentioned under National degree.

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