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Program Description

Program overview

In light of the digital revolution, students are expected to master skills beyond the initial marketing or communication. Students must be able to juggle the strategic approaches by controlling the communication channels and understanding technical tools related to digitization and data mining. The Master of Science in Communication, Marketing, and Management (C2M) will train competent executives who understand the challenges behind internationalization of a brand and digitalization both in the marketing approach and communication.

The C2M program will provide students with the strategic and operational expertise of traditional and digital marketing and communication tools. Students will create a synergy between the global strategy of the company and the communication plan for each stakeholder. The program enables students to rise to the challenge of the digital era taking into account data management, the speed of reaction, and the optimization of the relationship with consumers.

Students will build new applications of data and connected objects in these areas while exploring opportunities for new business models. Students will be asked to pitch communication solutions that optimize e-commerce, following the new trends of tomorrow’s consumers.

Students will also learn how to set up an appropriate communication strategy adapting to the new customer, and they will be challenged to couple the quality of the traditional individual relationship and experiential marketing with rigorous and cost-effective methods of mass marketing.

The MSc program will accompany students in the acquisition of new skills such as setting up new methods of listening and analysis, understanding the new consumer and have new explanatory models, develop new approaches to customer relations and rethinking marketing in terms of legitimacy in the face of multiple actors and societal changes. Communication managers must demonstrate agility in their organization in order to federate internal forces around the project and thus create synergy between all departments.

With its campus located in the heart of Toulouse, students will be exposed to French communication firms as well as interact with communication professionals in London, Paris and /or Barcelona. Home to the IoT Valley, Toulouse will inspire students in an app-driven world.

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Campus: Toulouse
  • Language: English
  • Mode: Full-time
  • Tuition Fees: 17000€
  • Application Fees: 100€
  • IntakeSeptember 2021
  • Deadline: 30 July 2021


  • With blogs, social media networks and the accelerated diffusion by smartphones, companies must be transparent. Students will develop a 360° vision of the client as well as how to drive digital marketing information in connection with all the other functions concerned from the creation of the product to marketing and sales of the brand and product.
  • The C2M program covers brand management and through relationship marketing and one-to-one, students will learn how to transition from product orientation to customer orientation (including experience)
  • Integration into the SM² Cluster in which students learn how to analyze products and services within a specific market, communicate to consumers relevant information about products and services, how to distribute products or offer services in a given market and how to plan and develop concepts of products or services with the framework of new business models.


  • Identifying strategic areas, designing innovative offers and optimizing development for a company by knowing how to continuously measure performance and arbitrate between the different channels of distribution and communication.
  • Redesigning the organization of the business in order to better communicate a brand in both the BtoC & BtoB framework.
  • Acquiring expertise on today's and tomorrow's challenges specific to the communication sector, with an understanding of the synergies between departments and stakeholders and how to manage the new appropriate technologies for the internationalization and digitization of a company or product.

Student Profile

  • Students in Business, Management, Humanities or Arts, Journalism.
  • Students wishing to become a Manager in the Marketing or Communications sectors.

Program Structure

The C2M program adopts an operational approach in its pedagogy. As the name suggests, the program follows a tri-fold approach focusing on communication, marketing, and management.
The Master of Science in Communication, Marketing & Management is composed of the following elements:
  • General education courses in Multicultural Management, Business Strategy, Leadership and HR, Financial Control and International Marketing.
  • Specialized marketing courses taught by academics in the fields of Innovation Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Relationship Marketing, and Data Analytics.
  • Specialized courses taught by professionals in the fields of Communication Tools, Branding, Digital Communication, Internal Communication, Crisis Communication Clients, Agencies, Public Relations, Influence Communication, and International Communication.
  • Electives taking place in Toulouse, Paris, Casablanca, Barcelona, and London.
  • TBS permanent faculty who couple their teaching methodology with current research.
  • Industry professionals working in sectors such as Aeronautics (Airbus), Data Analytics.
  • Visiting professors from top universities in France and abroad.


General Education courses:
  • Multicultural Management & Cross-cultural Teamwork
  • Reshaping Business Operations to Define Efficiency
  • Unlocking the Leader in You
  • Designing the Value Offering in an International Context
  • Investigating What Drives Performance
  • French Language Courses
Specialized Marketing courses:
  • Innovation Marketing: From Idea to Value Creation
  • Understanding the New Consumer
  • Relationship Marketing and Exchange Evolutions
Communication courses:
  • Managing Technical & Creative Communication Tools
  • Communicating and Branding in BtoC & BtoB
  • Global Communications for the Successful Organization
  • Understanding the 360° of Digital Communication


  • Academic requirements: 4 year Bachelor degree 
  • Language requirements:
    • English mother tongue, or
    • Bachelor degree taught in English, or
    • TOEFL IBT 80 / IELTS 6.5 / TOEIC 800 / FCE

4-step application process:

  • Complete online application
  • Submit supporting documents
  • Take virtual interview
  • Wait for admission results

Career opportunities

  • Product Manager
  • Marketing/Communication Manager
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Market Research Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Web Strategy Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Internal/External Communication Manager

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With 5 campuses located in the heart of dynamic cities, such as Toulouse, Barcelona, Casablanca, Paris and London, and alliances with top academic institutions and multinational corporations across the globe, we are able to offer a broad core curriculum of undergraduate and graduate degree programs: from Bachelor to MSc, MBA, DBA, and Executive Education. Our programs are taught in French, English or Spanish, and cover Business, Management, Finance, Marketing, and Aerospace Management. Read less
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