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Program Description

Why choose this course

This is a masters course that will excite your competitive nature and feed your ambition.

Designed with a close eye on the international graduate job market, our MSc Management course allows you to convert to this subject area from another field and start an exciting career.

You’ll be exposed to the world of business practice and learn from real examples – and our excellent teaching and links with industry will give you an edge with employers. Sourced from prominent organisations, practitioners and scholars, our academic content reflects the latest internationally-renowned research being conducted at Surrey Business School.

What you will study

This course is defined by its focus on developing you as a forward-looking, creative and business-savvy professionals.

The first half will give you a thorough knowledge of management practice and theory. You’ll cover a variety of fascinating areas such as organisational theory, behaviour and practice, strategy, marketing, operations, and accounting and finance.

The second half of the course will equip you with practical business knowledge that will appeal to prospective employers. You will learn about cutting edge developments and trends in business and management. You’ll take part in projects designed to enable you to demonstrate your academic and professional potential in collaboration with industry professionals, work on consulting assignments, and gain international exposure.


As part of this course, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a Professional Training placement, where you can apply what you’ve learnt in a relevant organisation and gain practical experience for your CV.

We provide support and guidance to help you secure a placement alongside access to vacancy portals, which include thousands of placement opportunities every year and let you discover companies we’re connected with. We can also vet and support you for a placement at a new company that you approach. We don’t usually place students directly.

If you choose not to complete a placement or do not secure a placement, you’ll complete nine months of teaching and then spend three months working on a dissertation. This means you’ll complete this course in 12 months.

If you choose and secure a placement, you’ll complete nine months of teaching and then spend three to six months working on placement. This means you’ll complete the course in 15 months instead of 12.

International study trip

You can choose to apply your knowledge and skills from across this course internationally by choosing the ‘International Study Project’ module. This module gives you the opportunity to experience a different business, cultural and economic environment. It also lets you study an in-depth aspect of business and management that is particularly relevant to the country you travel to.

We choose locations for the ‘International Study Project’ for their particularly relevant business, economic or cultural characteristics: for example, it might be that a city, region or an entire country stands out for its innovative clusters, social entrepreneurship, specific industries or economic conditions.

Working in teams of between three and five, you’ll consolidate and deepen your understanding of the relevant areas of study through a live challenge set by the client organisation. You’ll conduct background research, engage with the client organisation, and collect, analyse and interpret relevant data to develop novel, evidence-based solutions to the problems set out in the client brief. You’ll then prepare a consulting report and present it to the client organisation and for assessment by the module team.

As a result, in addition to developing your cultural awareness and international business acumen, you’ll also be developing your professional and consulting skills.

Academic year structure

The course starts with an induction which takes place in the last week of September. This is dedicated to introducing you to the academic and social life at the University of Surrey, the support infrastructure, academic standards and resources, and the programme itself.

The course will take 12 months to complete without a placement and 15 months to complete if you choose the ‘Capstone Project with Placement’ module.

Semester 1

The first semester is dedicated to giving you a solid background in management knowledge through four compulsory modules, worth 15 credits each: people, markets, organising and money. Together, these foundation modules cover the core concepts, theories, and practice of management across the relevant subject areas.

Semester 2

The second semester is dedicated to the advanced study of the most current and relevant areas of business and management theory and practice. These advanced modules are future-focused and research-led through the involvement of our research centres, offering in-depth insight into the current issues and anticipated trends in the areas of the digital economy, leadership and decision making, sustainability and social innovation, and international business management.

At the same time, these modules are designed on the principle of learning in action and combine academic content with applied learning through project work. They are all optional modules worth 15 credits each, and you’ll choose three out of four of these modules to study.

Also in Semester 2, you’ll be offered a choice of one out of two optional integrative modules, worth 15 credits each: either the ‘Consulting Project’ or the ‘International Study Project’. These are designed to integrate the knowledge from across the course and focus on developing your consulting expertise through applied learning on live projects – either in the UK or internationally.

Year-long modules

Throughout the academic year, you’ll also take one of two year-long optional integrative modules, worth 60 credits each: the ‘Capstone Project’ (12 months) or the ‘Capstone Project with Placement’ (15 months). Both these modules require the completion of a major applied research project and include a taught element in Semester 1, one-to-one supervision in Semester 2 and through to the completion of the research project.

In addition, the ‘Capstone Project with Placement’ module includes a period of work experience in an area relevant to the programme of study, i.e. a student work placement.

With the exception of the ‘Capstone Project’ modules, all modules are block-taught to enable a more immersive learning experience and increase the flexibility of study, including the opportunity to study abroad.

Overall, this course consists of:

  • Four compulsory foundation modules in Semester 1, worth 15 credits each (you must take all four)
  • Four optional advanced modules in Semester 2, worth 15 credits each (you’ll choose three of these)
  • Two optional integrative modules in Semester 2, worth 15 credits each (you’ll choose one of these)
  • Two optional integrative year-long modules, worth 60 credits each (you’ll choose one of these).

Entry requirements

A minimum of a 2:2 UK honours degree, or a recognised equivalent international qualification.

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