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The Royal Holloway International Management (Marketing) MSc is a rigorous - and rewarding programme aimed at ambitious and self-motivated individuals at the outset of their professional working life who have studied management previously. It is ideal for those who wish to pursue a postgraduate degree in general management (marketing) with an international orientation and will prepare you to enter the globalised world of work on a competitive footing, maximising your potential and widening your choices.

On graduating you will have a comprehensive and integrated knowledge and understanding of organisations, their management and the marketing environment in which they operate. As part of this, you will have examined accounting and finance from a managers point of view and evaluated the impact of internal and external factors on the kinds of human resource strategies drawn up by international organisations. The course will focus on an understanding of how international marketing fits into the organisation and running of a company or multi-company corporation.

As a member of the School of Management you will join an intellectually stimulating, friendly and supportive research environment and, through working closely with our expert and experienced academic staff, you will be in a position to realise your full potential.

  • Demanding course with teaching normally five days a week for 15 hours, totally in excess of 300 hours in both spring and autumn terms.
  • Career management and employability skills to make competitive applications to multinational enterprises, non-governmental organisations or as a platform to pursue additional qualifications (such as in accounting or finance).
  • Innovative and effective Marketing ranked 4th (Complete University Guide 2017).
  • Vibrant international community: 60% of our Management students come from overseas and the 8,500 students at Royal Holloway, University of London are from 130 countries.

Course structure

Principles of Business Management and Economics

In this module, you will develop an understanding of the issues a firm and its managers have to deal with. You will look at the strategic decisions a manager must make in order to survive and compete in the marketplace, and the resource allocation problems between and within firms, their consumers, and how to address them. You will assess how these ‘big issues’ are best addressed in the context of the economic characteristics of a firm, and consider the competitiveness of its environment.

International Accounting and Finance

In this module, you will develop an understanding of key accounting and finance techniques and practices. You will look at the role of accounting information in external and internal decision making and will consider the properties of profit and the main techniques for measuring it. You will learn how to prepare basic financial statements and become familiar with different regional and national influences on financial reporting requirements and expectations.

International Strategy and Entrepreneurship

In this module, you will develop an understanding of how international strategy and entrepreneurship fit into the organisation and running of a commercial entity. You will look at the ways in which a firm can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through strategy and entrepreneurship, evaluating the processes that firms use to develop, renew and reconfigure these. You will also examine the theoretical frameworks of strategy and entrepreneurship in the real business world.

International Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

In this module, you will critically analyse the relationships between personnel management, employee relations and human resource management. You will evaluate the impact of internal and external labour markets on the human resource strategies used by organisations, considering the impact of globalisation, culture and information. You will look at international recruitment and selection, and examine the importance of training and development in multinational corporations. You will also examine the role of international human resource management practice and the ethics of development and corporate social responsibility for labour relations.

International Marketing Management

In this module, you will develop an understanding of how international marketing practice fits into the organisation and running of a global corporation. You will look at key marketing concepts within a global context, considering the standardisation and adaptation of strategies, cultural forces, and their influence on consumer behaviour. You will also examine common criticisms of marketing practice and typical marketer responses.

Project Work for Managers - Integrated Marketing Communications

In this module, you will develop an understanding of contemporary marketing communication management within an international context. You will look at the processes and practices of international marketing communications and brand planning, looking at the complimentarily and inter-dependence of discrete marketing activities within a strategic perspective. You will examine the complexity and salience of ethical issues in marketing and advertising, and consider the wider social influence of marketing activity.

Project Work for Managers - Marketing Research Skills

In the module, you will develop the skills necessary to undertake a piece of your own research in the field of Marketing Communication. You will learn how to write a research proposal and review existing literature. You will look at methods of data collection and analysis, critically evaluating their suitability to your research question.

Project Work for Managers - Marketing Planning

Marketing Planning is the final assignment—6,000 to 8,000 words in length–on a given Marketing Communication-related topic. It is an opportunity for independent study, and at the same time, for you to think about your future career. You will be encouraged from the start of the course to think about how to complete this independent report.

Management in Context

This workshop series will provide you with the opportunity to apply the knowledge you have developed throughout your studies to a range of management functions. Working in small groups, you will respond critically and constructively to comments made by others, developing your ability to construct and defend a coherent argument.

Professional Business and Applied Research Skills

In this module you will develop an understanding of effective business communication, including public speaking in English, giving feedback and communicating in teams. You will consider the actions and attitudes that comprise professional conduct in the business environment and will look at typical recruitment processes. You will be introduced to a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods commonly used in management studies.

Teaching and assessment

You will study seven mandatory units in general management over the first two terms. In addition, you will study three research units, including the Independent Report (6-8,000 words) in the last term, giving you the opportunity to study a Marketing issue in depth. You will also participate in a developmental unit over the first two terms and workshops over three terms.

Assessment is carried out by a variety of methods including written assignments, closed-book examinations, in-class tests, oral presentations, group work and independent research.

Entry requirements

Entry criteria:

UK 2:2 (Honours) or equivalent.

The MSc International Management (Marketing) assumes that candidates will have read management as part of an undergraduate degree. If you have not read management as part of an undergraduate degree, you should consider our MSc International Management.

Students on the MSc International Management (Marketing) have typically less than three years of work experience. If you have three or more years of full-time work experience, you may still be eligible for this programme, but we encourage you to also consider the MBA International Management course.

English language requirements:

IELTS 6.5 overall with a minimum of 6.0 in all subscores.

If you require Royal Holloway to sponsor your study in the UK, your IELTS must be a UK government-approved Secure English Language Test (SELT)

Your future career

On graduating with an MSc in International Management (Marketing) from Royal Holloway you will be in a position to take a variety of different career paths. You may choose to combine this qualification with your first-degree studies to indicate a market sector or a functional specialism. Important skills are gained for those entering fields such as finance, accountancy and regulatory bodies; we also recognise the role of family and closely held business enterprises for some.

We will help students to recognise their own strengths, skills and abilities so that they can make strong applications for their chosen job or further study.

Graduates have entered many different international management-related areas, including Senior Associate at Bank of China International, Reporter at Xinhua News Agency, Senior Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Finance Officer at Ealing Borough Council and Relationship Manager Investments) at Barclays Bank.

Fees and funding

Home and EU students tuition fee per year 2018/19*: £10,400

International students tuition fee per year 2018/19*: £17,500

Other essential costs**: There are no single associated costs greater than £50 per item on this course

* These tuition fees apply to students enrolled on a full-time basis. Students studying part-time are charged a pro-rata tuition fee, usually equivalent to approximately half the full-time fee.

Read more about the programme here.

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