MSc European Agrarian Diplomacy


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Program Description

The form of Study: Full-time Study

Length of Study: 2 years (4 semesters)

Entrance Exams: written form of the test from Economics and Management and Social Sciences in English only.

The master's degree study branch European Agrarian Diplomacy that is being taught in English has been established based on a request by the CR Ministry of Agriculture aimed at the education of specialists for the EU Common Agricultural Policy able to occupy the relevant positions both in the national and European institutions. Taking into account width of the problems and the significance of agriculture within the bounds of the European Union policies, the study branch has not been concentrated upon adaptation of the Czech Republic into the EU structures only, but it has been preparing specialists oriented in the current trends, be it within the boundaries of the agrarian sector development of European Union itself (Europe 2020 Strategy), or in the global questions and Europe's position in global agriculture.

The aim of study here is to prepare specialists for both national and European levels of agrarian diplomacy and agrarian administration with a corresponding theoretical background and managerial capabilities. The European Agrarian Diplomacy study branch graduate is prepared to occupy administrative, diplomatic and managerial positions, mostly in the domain of public administration at both the national and European levels, aimed at the problems of the agrarian sector.

The graduates obtain knowledge on diplomacy functioning, on international negotiations and on preparation and processing of documents. The fundamental courses profile the graduates towards deeper knowledge of the European integration process, agricultural and regional policies, as well as global economics and agricultural commodities commerce. The graduates also obtain managerial capabilities and they are capable of solving concrete problems at the levels of public administration managers, and of managing and controlling activities in a changing environment, managing complicated projects and activities inclusive of strategic planning. They are capable of leading many-headed, complex and heterogeneous teams, or work actively under the leadership of, or in a partner-type relationship with qualified specialists. They can formulate and present their own views reflecting also the approach of other members of the team, they can comprehensibly express information, ideas, problems, and solutions to specialists as well as to laymen, using multimedia techniques. They are capable to communicate in two foreign languages. They rule English at the level of a native speaker. The elementary ICT capability of theirs corresponds to the ECDL Certificate, at least.

The study branch is organized in co-operation with the CR Ministry of Agriculture. The qualification obtained enables the graduates to work in the Ministry bodies and offices as well as in the EU international institutions. Examples of companies where the graduates have found employment: CR Ministry of Agriculture, CR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CR Permanent Mission at the EU.


Preparatory Professional and Language Courses (PPL, CŽV)

International Relations Office FEM CULS Prague offers one year and half-year courses leading to studies in accredited bachelor and master study programmes taught in English. There isn’t any entrance examination to study in PPL.

Required documents you need to submit for admission in PPL courses leading to studies in accredited master study programmes taught in English:

  • a scan of your Passport,
  • a copy of your Bachelor diploma,
  • the results of an English language test (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, or any other),
  • contact address and phone number for DHL + information about where (in which city) you will apply for the visa,
  • a short Curriculum vitae,
  • all applicants must fill in the online application.

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The Czech University of Life Sciences is a public university (according to Act No. 111/1998 Coll. on universities). Currently, there are 27 public universities and 2 state universities in the Czech Republic. Read less