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Program Description

MS Engineering Management

Often called “The Engineer’s MBA,” a master’s degree in engineering management combines your technical background with a core business curriculum. The blended-Internet delivery format provides flexibility.

Studies have found that most successful companies are managed by people with experience in the core business of the company. In the case of technology-based companies, this means engineers or other technically oriented individuals. Too often, the lack of a solid background in management has prevented engineers from rising to decision-making positions.

MSOE’s Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) graduate program is based on the philosophy that, for American companies to grow and compete internationally, their technical personnel must have the tools to effectively manage and participate in the decision-making process. The engineering management program is best described as a master’s degree in general management with a technological orientation.

Designed to accommodate busy working professionals, courses are available via blended-Internet format. This combines the benefits of face-to-face interaction with the convenience of online learning. Most classes meet one evening per week.

Advantages of the MSEM degree:

  • The MSEM is designed to complement your undergraduate technical degree.
  • The MSEM is a technology-oriented program, meeting the specific needs of engineers and other technical and business professionals progressing into management.
  • Most faculty members in the MSEM program have a Ph.D. and at least one of their degrees in engineering, mathematics, science or business. Their academic background is enhanced by extensive industry experience.

Blended Internet delivery

The blended Internet option creates a pathway for students to complete the MSEM in less than two years. Blended Internet delivery combines the rich faculty/student interaction that is the hallmark of an MSOE education with the flexibility of online learning. The amount of time students spend in class is reduced, while time spent on project-focused learning is enhanced.

MSOE’s blended classes meet fact-to-face during alternating weeks. Meetings occur during the evening on “even” numbered or “odd” numbered weeks each academic term. Online learning activities are scheduled during non-meeting weeks and are facilitated via MSOE’s Blackboard instructional platform. Digital lectures, interactive discussions, investigative case studies, computerized simulations and synchronous chats are examples of online learning experiences used by MSOE faculty.

100% Online delivery

Geography is not a constraint for students interested in completing the MSEM at a distance. In addition to the Blended, Internet format mentioned above, there also is an option to take courses via 100% online distance delivery. The rich faculty, student interaction that is the hallmark of the MSEM is replicated in online classes creating dynamic and flexible learning environments. Students can choose which format best fits their lives while advancing their learning and professional skills.

Financial Aid

All MSOE graduate students are eligible to apply for the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan. Most of MSOE’s graduate students are employed full-time and over 70% receive employer tuition support. If you are employed, we also recommend that you speak with your employer about tuition reimbursement assistance.

Foundation courses

  • MG‐600 Management Principles
  • MG‐610 The Application of Statistics
  • MG‐620 Finance and Accounting
  • MG‐631 Research and Writing (Module 1)
  • MG‐632 Research and Writing (Module 2)
  • MG‐633 Research and Writing (Module 3)
  • MG-645 Operations and Systems Management
  • MG‐660 Applied Organizational Behavior
  • MG‐670 Marketing Management
  • MG‐800 Strategic Management

SUBTOTAL: 24 credits*

MSEM Electives

Five MSEM elective courses

SUBTOTAL: 15 credits*

Culminating Experience (choose Thesis or Project)

  • Thesis Option
  • MG‐804 Engineering Management Thesis
    – or –
  • Project Option
  • One elective course
  • MSEM Capstone project

SUBTOTAL TOTAL: 6 credits*

PROGRAM CREDITS: 45 quarter credits*

*MSOE follows an academic quarter system. The 45 quarter credits required in this program equate to approximately 30-semester credits of contact and class time.

Program Objectives

Program objectives are broad statements that describe the career and professional accomplishments that the academic program is preparing the graduates to achieve. Graduates of the MSEM program will:

  • hold positions of leadership in a rapidly changing, technologically driven business climate.
  • develop and execute strategic as well as tactical plans.
  • be starting entrepreneurial companies, managing programs, driving focused change and creating value.
  • drive collaborative communication and relationship building across organizational, cultural and social lines.
  • stimulate innovation for sustained success

Student Outcomes

Student outcomes are narrower statements that describe what students are expected to know and be able to do by the time of graduation. Graduates of the MSEM program will possess:

  • pragmatic skills and knowledge across functional business areas including marketing, organizational behavior, human resource management, strategic management, accounting/finance, operations and information technology.
  • the ability to recognize and use modern management techniques, skills, and tools.
  • the ability to lead and contribute to cross-functional teams in global and multicultural environments.
  • a thorough understanding of professional, ethical and social responsibility.
  • the ability to use an array of tools to communicate effectively in relevant venues.
  • the recognition of the need for and the desire to engage in lifelong learning.
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