MSc Economics and Management


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Program Description

The form of Study: Full-time Study

Length of Study: 2 years (4 semesters)

Entrance Exams: an online interview from Economics and Management and Quantitative Methods.

The master's degree study branch Economics and Management that is being taught in English is in correspondence with the traditional and successful Czech study branch Provoz a ekonomika, the graduates of which always have found excellent chances of employment both within CR and on foreign labour markets (rate of unemployment of the graduates of this study branch belongs to those lowest ones among the CR economic study branches (1.4 % as in the HN on February 19, 2016).

The study branch is aimed at students who are interested in the area of economics and management. It is being conceived inter-disciplinarily using the integrated economic and managerial basis, quantitative methods, ICT and the social-science disciplines connected.

The aim of study here is to prepare the graduates for the economic, managerial, entrepreneurial, administrative and other positions and activities within the bounds of both the national and international labour markets, e.g., for dealing with the managerial positions of various types of enterprises, for ruling the positions in State or communal institutions, for leading positions in organizations of all the basic sectors of economics, for entrepreneurial activities (proper), for the positions in both national and international organizations and institutions, for involvement in special communities or in non-profit sector.

The capabilities expected are based on an overview of knowledge types, e.g.,

  • processes of globalization, integration, and regionalization,
  • econo-political determination,
  • socio-cultural interconnection of the economy,
  • permanently sustainable connections of the economic development,
  • relevant regional, demographic and administrative problems.

In the course of their study of special courses students obtain the capabilities enabling them to concentrate on conceptual solutions of economic development in the social and environmental connections, on specification and generalization of mutual interconnection of economic processes and factors of changes of the environment-development dynamics, application of legal and environmental principles in the analytical and realization stage of solution, processing and implementation of programmes and projects aimed at the support of economic (regional) development.


Preparatory Professional and Language Courses (PPL, CŽV)

International Relations Office FEM CULS Prague offers one year and half-year courses leading to studies in accredited bachelor and master study programmes taught in English. There isn’t any entrance examination to study in PPL.

Required documents you need to submit for admission in PPL courses leading to studies in accredited master study programmes taught in English:

  • a scan of your Passport,
  • a copy of your Bachelor diploma,
  • the results of an English language test (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, or any other),
  • contact address and phone number for DHL + information about where (in which city) you will apply for the visa,
  • a short Curriculum vitae,
  • all applicants must fill in the online application.

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The Czech University of Life Sciences is a public university (according to Act No. 111/1998 Coll. on universities). Currently, there are 27 public universities and 2 state universities in the Czech Republic. Read less