MSc Data Science & Organisational Behaviour


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Program Description

The MSc Data Science & Organisational Behaviour


The ambition of the MSc Data Science & Organisation Behaviour is to train future leaders and academics in data and behavior management to a high level of expertise in the intersection between management, behavioral tools and data science. The programme is created to give students programming skills, both by syntax (IT tools) and module (games tools), which is a unique way of teaching the subject.

Strengths of the programme

The programme is based on the LESSAC (Laboratory for Experimentation in Social Sciences and Behavioral Analysis created in 2008): the largest experimental economics platform in Europe and one of the top players in research.

An exclusive programme in Europe providing a unique knowledge

Students will be able to put in practice effective tools to understand and manage data and modify decision making and behavior.

Two field trips included to the programme

·Visit of IBM Data Center in Luxembourg

·Participate in the «Southern Experimentalist Meeting» (location varies every year)

Immersion in the professional world at all times

25% classes provided by experts during the whole year

Innovative Teaching methods

·Experimental and simulation labs

·Virtual Organizations

·ICT tools



·Machine Learning


Developing skills with Behavioral tools and Data Science Management

·Creating value from information

·Making use of the power of (big) data

·Knowledge of Statistics and Data analytics

·Understanding how data can be used to make business

·Data representation, data transformation and analysis for decision makers

·Reduce, sample, create analytics, summarize information, present it in a useful way to the decision makers


Semester 1

  • Management core courses
    • Business Ethics
    • Strategic Management
    • Corporate Governance
    • Research Methods
  • Core courses
    • Data Science Methods: Introduction to computer sciences applied to data management
    • Applied information Analysis: Statistics and qualitative tools for managing and analyzing new data sets (e.g. text messages, images, videos...)
    • Behavioral Methods & Applications: introduction to experimental methods and games fundamentals for the analysis of humans behavior
    • Behavioral Tools: designing and developing decision making and behavioral economics experiments
  • Beginning of the professional thesis

Semester 2

·Advanced courses & field trip

oRecent Topics in Data Science: Understand the main concepts of Machine Learning, Object oriented programming, Mobile Apps Creation,…

  • Big Data Practical Applications: professionals in data management will present successful applications of Big Data, from the idea to the business
  • Behavior in Organizations and Markets study of human behavior in organizations and markets and how insights from behavioral sciences can help (managers to make better decisions
  • Behavioral Strategies for Business and Management: evaluate business needs, develop field interventions on specific industry problems)
  • Professional thesis: project ending

Career opportunities

Graduates of the programme will be able to hold positions creating a link between technical and strategic departments of:

  • Data analyst / Data scientist
  • Global strategist
  • Analyst in counselling companies
  • Chief in marketing service
  • Management consultant
  • government official,
  • economist in banks and financial organizations,
  • human resources manager
  • or develop their own company

Academic Requirements

  • A non-French Bachelor degree or a French Master 1 in a Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Engineering, Business or equivalent 
  • Online application + motivation interview

Language Requirements

Important note for the Fall 2020 intake: in view of the current circumstances related to COVID-19, measures have been taken to make language tests more flexible: 
- No language test is now required for the registration file
- Language levels will be assessed indirectly through motivational interviews
- If the candidates have a language test previously carried out, they can attach it to the registration file

Last updated Apr 2020

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