MSc African Politics

Duration: One calendar year (full-time); Two or three years (part-time, daytime only) Students usually complete their core modules in Year 1, and their option modules and dissertation in subsequent years.

Minimum Entry Requirements: The qualification for entry is normally a first or upper-second class honours degree (or equivalent) in Politics or International Relations, or a related social science discipline. Applicants without such a background may be considered for admission depending on their academic training and undergraduate performance.

Start of programme: September intake only

The Department of Politics and International Studies offers seven linked masters programmes in politics and the international politics of Asia and Africa.

The MSc African Politics is a regional specialist MSc, aiming to provide students with a detailed specialist understanding of both domestic and international politics (and of the implications of one for the other) in Africa. At Masters level, there is particular emphasis on seminar work.

Students make full-scale presentations for each unit that they take, and are expected to write substantial papers that often require significant independent work.


Students must take 180 credits comprised of 120 taught credits (including core and option modules) and a 60 credit dissertation.

ONE module from List A (core)

THREE modules from B, C or D, with no more than 30 credits coming from List D, and no more than four x 15 credit modules.

Dissertation on some aspect of African Politics (compulsory).

A. Compulsory Module:

  • Government and politics in Africa 15PPOC205 (30credits) Full Year

B. Full-Unit Politics Modules:

  • Politics of Globalisation and Development in Asia and Africa 15PPOC017 (30credits) Full Year
  • State & society in Asia & Africa 15PPOC008 (30credits) Full Year
  • International Politics of Africa 15PPOC009 (30credits) Full Year Not Running 2017/2018
  • Islamic/Democratic Political Thought 15PPOC255 (30credits) Full Year Not Running 2017/2018

C. Half-Unit Politics Modules (maximum 30 credits total from this list):

  • Violence, justice and the politics of memory 15PPOH019 (15credits) Term 1
  • Conflict, rights and justice 15PPOH018 (15credits) Term 1
  • International migration and diaspora politics 15PPOH012 (15credits) Term 1
  • Security governance 15PPOH015 (15credits) Term 1
  • Comparative International Political Thought 15PPOH021 (15credits) Term 2
  • Queer Politics in Asia, Africa and the Middle East 15PGNH007 (15credits) Term 2
  • Political Thought on the Just Rebellion 15PPOH030 (15credits) Term 2
  • Approaches to Comparative Political Thought 15PPOH028 (15credits) Term 1
  • The Indian Ocean in World Politics 15PPOH032 - Not Running 2017/18
  • Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Social Research 15PPOH035 (15credits) Term 2
  • Foreign Policy Analysis 15PPOH013 (15credits) Term 2

D: Modules focused on Africa in a cognate discipline (maximum 30 credits total from this list):

Courses from this section may only be taken with permission of the programme convenor and relevant course convenor.

Language courses: students should choose the language they wish to take from the list below. They should then make contact with the relevant Course Convenor during the welcome week who will assess which level, of course, would be appropriate, and will advise re. changing course enrolments if necessary.

  • Amharic 1 (PG) 15PAFC130 (30credits) Full Year
  • Hausa 1 (PG) 15PAFC136 (30credits) Full Year
  • Somali 1 (PG) 15PAFC132 (30credits) Full Year
  • Swahili 1 (PG) 15PAFC140 (30credits) Full Year
  • Yoruba 1 (PG) 15PAFC134 (30credits) Full Year
  • Zulu 1 (PG) 15PAFC128 (30credits) Full Year
  • Literature in African languages 15PAFC124 (30credits) Full Year
  • Zulu 2 (PG) 15PAFC129 (30credits) Full Year Not Running 2017/2018
  • Amharic 2 (PG) 15PAFC131 (30credits) Full Year
  • Somali 2 (PG) 15PAFC133 (30credits) Full Year
  • Yoruba 2 (PG) 15PAFC135 (30credits) Full Year
  • Zulu 3 (PG) 15PAFC137 (30credits) Full Year Not Running 2017/2018
  • Hausa 2 (PG) 15PAFC138 (30credits) Full Year Not Running 2017/2018
  • Travelling Africa: Writing the Cape to Cairo 15PAFC139 (30credits) Full Year Not Running 2017/2018
  • Intermediate Swahili 2A (PG) 15PAFC141 (30credits) Full Year
  • Swahili 3 (PG) 15PAFC142 (30credits) Full Year
  • Visual Cultures in South Africa: Past and Present 15PAFC143 (30credits) Full Year Not Running 2017/2018
  • Swahili 4 (PG) 15PAFC144 (30credits) Full Year Not Running 2017/2018
  • Directed Readings in an African Language 15PAFC147 (30credits) Full Year Not Running 2017/2018
  • Advanced Somali: Formal Usage (PG) 15PAFC148 (30credits) Full Year
  • The Story of African Film: Narrative Screen Media in Africa 15PAFH006 (15credits) Term 1
  • Aspects of African film and video 2 15PAFH007 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • African Philosophy (PG) 15PAFH008 (15credits) Term 2
  • Afrophone Philosophies (PG) 15PAFH009 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Curating Africa: African Film and Video in the Age of Festivals 15PAFH010 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • The Structure of Bantu Languages (PG) 15PAFH011 (15credits) Term 2
  • African and Asian Cultures in Britain 15PANH009 (15credits) Term 2
  • African and Asian Diasporas in the Modern World 15PANH010 (15credits) Term 1
  • Culture and Society of East Africa 15PANH063 (15credits) Term 1
  • Culture and Society of West Africa 15PANH068 (15credits) Term 2
  • The Art of the African Diaspora 15PARC018 (30credits) Full Year Not Running 2017/2018
  • Modern and Contemporary Arts in Africa 15PARH048 (15credits) Term 2
  • Arts and Society in sub-Saharan Africa 15PARH052 (15credits) Term 1 Not Running 2016/2017
  • Morocco and the Horizons of Visibility 15PARH065 (15credits) Term 2
  • Photography and the Image in Africa 15PARH082 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Neoliberalism, Democracy and Global Development 15PDSH054 (15credits) Term 1
  • Marxist Political Economy and Global Development 15PDSH053 (15credits) Term 2
  • Security 15PDSH020 (15credits) Term 1
  • Global Commodity Chains, Production Networks and Informal Work 15PDSH024 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Water and Development: Conflict and Governance 15PDSH049 (15credits) Term 2
  • Borders and Development 15PDSH023 (15credits) Term 2
  • Understanding Economic Migration: Theories, Patterns and Policies 15PDSH032 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Natural resources, development and change: putting critical analysis into practice 15PDSH031 (15credits) Term 2
  • The Working Poor and Development 15PDSH030 (15credits) Term 2
  • Gendering Migration & Diasporas 15PGNH002 (15credits) Term 2
  • Gender, Armed Conflict and International Law 15PGNH005 (15credits) Term 1
  • Colonial Conquest and Social Change in Southern Africa 15PHIH002 (15credits) Term 1
  • Social and Cultural Transformations in Southern Africa Since 1945 15PHIH003 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Slavery in West Africa in the 19th and 20th Centuries 15PHIH028 (15credits) Term 2
  • Historical Perspectives on Gender in Africa 15PHIH029 (15credits) Term 1
  • Warfare and the Military in Precolonial Africa 15PHIH047 (15credits) Term 1 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Warfare and the Military in Modern Africa 15PHIH046 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Law and Development in Africa 15PLAC160 (30credits) Full Year
  • Colonialism, Empire and International Law 15PLAH025 (15credits) Term 2
  • Colonialism and Christian Missions in Africa: Readings from the Archives 15PSRH043 (15credits) Term 2


This would focus on some aspect of African Politics raised by the compulsory module 15PPOC205

  • Dissertation in Political Studies 15PPOC999 (60 credits) Full Year
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