Prepare to be a leader in today's high-tech world.

The Master of Science in Computer Science prepares you for a successful career in one of the economy’s fastest-growing industries. Rivier's program combines theory with significant practical experience, giving our graduates an edge in meeting the demands of the high-tech workplace.

Our faculty members are professionals working in global corporations, computing research laboratories, and technology industries; their research and work experience keeps them current with industry trends and emerging technologies. Classes are offered in face-to-face, online, and hybrid formats, using Learn Linc™ software for synchronized web browsing, application sharing, and more.

Courses are offered in 7-week or 14-week terms. There are a total of six 7-week terms per year (two terms in each of the fall, spring, and summer semesters). 14-week terms are offered once per semester in the fall, spring, and summer.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects between 8% and 37% growth in job opportunities from 2012 to 2022 for computer information and systems positions.

Degree concentrations

Four concentration areas within the degree program enable students to focus on their specific areas of interest. Concentration choices include Information Technology, Software Development, Web, and Database Development, or the Design Your Own Concentration track.

The Software Development concentration refers to the design and development of real-life software products that are a task or service-oriented and apply mathematical and knowledge-based formalisms to practical, technical solutions. Software applications include computer graphics, intelligent systems, data mining, knowledge-based systems, and multimedia and web applications.

Software systems include modern device development, compiler techniques, parallel and distributed computing, and advanced operating systems. This concentration covers advanced programming techniques in C++ and Java, software engineering methodology, software quality assurance, and computer security.

The Web and Database Development concentration focuses on concepts, tools, and practices for designing and developing web and database systems and applications. This concentration covers web development techniques and solutions on both the client and server sides, multimedia, web development, computer security, and database programming.

The Information Technology concentration offers specialization in the design and deployment of information technologies infrastructures. This concentration covers a range of topics including overview of information technologies, inter-networking techniques, advanced local and wide area networking technologies, database management systems, and computer security.

The Design Your Own concentration option provides students with the opportunity to select five courses from more than one area.

Facilities and resources

Rivier partners with Dell and Microsoft to provide up-to-date technology in the Academic Computing Center laboratories and electronic classrooms. Students have access to a high-speed local area network and Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems. Lab and classroom computers provide programming development environments for C++, Java, Perl, Scheme, and Prolog, among other languages. Students also have access to specialty software packages for computer graphics, architecture simulation, software engineering, networking technologies, and intelligent systems.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Rivier's high-quality, hands-on bachelor's and master's programs prepare students for leadership roles in a global environment.


Rivier M.S. in Computer Science graduates can pursue leadership roles as:

  • Data and systems analysts
  • Software developers
  • Computer programmers
  • Info technology managers
  • Quality assurance professionals
  • Network administrators
  • Information systems designers

Rivier’s Career Development Center (CDC) provides professional advising, assistance with career and resume development, internship options, and job search information.

Greater Boston is the 6th largest economy in the USA and the 12th largest worldwide. As a result, opportunities for international students to pursue CPT and OPT are immense. The campus is in picturesque New Hampshire, an hour drive from Boston. International students enjoy an unparalleled combination of academic excellence, professional opportunity, and small-town friendliness. The MCSC program combines theory with significant practical experience, giving their graduates an edge in meeting the demands of the high-tech workplace. More than 200 International graduates are currently working in OPT positions across 21 states. According to US Department of Labor, 24% of IT occupations and 33% (can be as high as 50% in the top IT centers) of creative computer applications jobs were held by foreign born workers. Average starting salaries for CS undergraduates is around US$60,000 and around US$72,000 for those with Masters degrees. Rivier University graduates pursue leadership roles in data and systems analysis, software development, computer programming, IT managers, network administrators and information systems design. Tuition for the MSCS program at Rivier is approximately US$22,000.

Study and Career Opportunities in the USA

The United States has the largest international student population in the world due to its reputation for providing world-class education. This is supported by 61 universities included in the World Top 100 rankings.
However, the opportunity goes beyond earning a degree. International students on F-1 visas are also legally provided with the opportunity to work at major companies via Curricular Practical Training (CPT) during their studies, and Optional Practical Training (OPT) following graduation. If a student is pursuing studies in the fields of STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) they can legally pursue OPT and work full-time for up to 3 years. At Master’s level, this can mean students accessing employment with significant salaries, providing an excellent return on investment and creating a platform for a meaningful career. With unemployment rates at records low levels (4.1% as of January 2018), there has never been a better time to invest in studying in the USA.
Another feature of US universities is the opportunity to access high value scholarships. Many universities will provide merit based scholarships for academic performance.

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