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“From R&D labs to Innovation Centers, often in Silicon Valley, companies face a skills gap in innovation management.”

Earn a master’s degree that equips you to fill a critical need in today’s business world. Techpreneurship gives you the knowledge and skills you need to fuel staff innovation and manage it from initial ideas to viable products ready for marketplace launch. It’s a skill set in short supply today and companies large and small are eager to bring qualified leaders on board. You can use this opportunity to launch a successful career in technology management. You’ll even have a chance to compete for start-up dollars provided by the university and gain access to a network of practicing mentors who will share their experience and provide guidance.

The Harrisburg University Techpreneurship program is a 36-hour master offered in classes conducted in the executive weekend format at our Philadelphia location. You’ll also study in Silicon Valley, the heart of innovation and entrepreneurship. During your time in California, you’ll study at Thinktomi, one of America’s foremost schools of business innovation.

You don’t need a Computer Science bachelor’s degree to enter the program. Through your courses in Philadelphia and Silicon Valley, you’ll gain a practical understanding of technologies behind today’s digital businesses. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of innovation and how to manage it to improve the quality of ideas produced. You’ll discover ways to inspire your team to fill your pipeline with viable product ideas you can shepherd through development to the marketplace.

If you’re a non-technical founder of a startup or business, Techpreneurship can be the knowledge base you need to become a standout leader in business transformation, innovation, and sound decision-making. If you are technically trained, the program will provide the soft skills training you need to make the move into management.

Plan now to make a master’s degree in Techpreneurship your gateway to an exciting future.

Master of Science in Techpreneurship (TCMS)

This 36-semester hour Master of Science in Techpreneurship combines technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. This program produces the student who will have the skillset to build start-ups or innovate new products or processes in an existing organization. The student is taught to create, recognize, and support innovation in any environment. The student is introduced to the process technologies entrepreneurs use to start and scale high growth companies. Techpreneurship is a flexible program that allows the student to choose elective courses from any existing graduate program to leverage their previous education and work experience. This program provides access to a network of practicing mentors who may share their experience and provide guidance to the student.

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Program Goals

TCMS graduates are able to:

  • Start, own, and manage successful innovative and technology-intensive start businesses;
  • Embrace innovation to capitalize on economic benefits and to serve as a positive factor in social change;
  • Leverage modern technologies to gain a competitive advantage in the business world;
  • Become leaders and effective members of the business community; and
  • Develop communication skills and the ability to interact with others.

Techpreneurship Requirements

Master of Science in Techpreneurship program is a 36-semester hour program that consists of required core courses (15 semester hours), required project or thesis courses (6 semester hours), and electives from a wide range of management and technology courses (15 semester hours). The semester hour value of each course appears in parentheses ( ).

Complete all of the following Core courses –15 semester hours:

  • ENTP 500 Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3)
  • ENTP 510 Entrepreneurship: From Traction to Scale (3)
  • ENTP 520 Economics of Innovation (3)
  • ENTP 530 Financial Sustainability (3)
  • ISEM 500 Strategic Information Systems Planning, Engineering & Management (3)

Complete the following Experiential courses – 6 semester hours:

  • GRAD 695 Research Methodology and Writing (3)


  • ENTP 699 Applied Project in Techpreneurship


  • GRAD 699 Graduate Thesis (3)

Complete the following concentration – 15 semester hours:

Individualized Concentration:

The Master of Science in Techpreneurship student can choose courses totaling 15 semester hours from any Harrisburg University Master of Science program.

Admission Process

Email to request program details and application instructions.

The admission process at HU is designed to help you make good decisions about your educational choices and to make sure you explore all the enrollment options at the University, so you find the plan that works best for you. The process is meant to be informative and encouraging–not to present an intimidating barrier to your educational plans. Just as every student receives personal attention in the classroom, every applicant receives thorough consideration and guidance during the enrollment process.

The University seeks students from a variety of backgrounds who can contribute to a vibrant and diverse University community. Students can demonstrate their academic potential through a variety of means. No one particular factor can measure a student’s potential, therefore the University gives consideration to all aspects of your admissions application.

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There’s so much that’s great about Harrisburg University. It’s hard to choose what’s the best reason to attend college here.

There’s so much that’s great about Harrisburg University. It’s hard to choose what’s the best reason to attend college here. Read less