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Program Description


The Master of Science Program for Project Management at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology offers traditional and agile project management programs that respond to local and global needs using online and face-to-face instructional methods. In support of this mission, the degree program provides innovative academic and experiential learning opportunities that require students to understand, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate projects, teams, and leaders in enterprise environments.

This 36 semester hour graduate program in Project management provides each student with a focused, applied and rigorous experience in creating, implementing and assessing projects.

To produce a high-quality product or service on time, on-budget and to the defined specifications, subject matter expertise is not enough. The complexities of modern product development and project management require a professional with specific technical, project management and leadership skills. This program leads to a Master of Science degree that prepares the student for career advancement in the field of project management and for positions such as program manager, project manager, project coordinator, lead project engineer, Agile project manager, or ScrumMaster.

Program Goals

PMGT graduates are able to:

  • Demonstrate the applied knowledge and technical expertise in the management of a single project to meet stakeholder needs within constraints and aligned with traditional project management frameworks with industry-standard artifacts;
  • Demonstrate the applied knowledge and technical expertise in the management of a single team to meet stakeholder needs within constraints and aligned with agile project management frameworks with industry best practices;
  • Demonstrate professional behavior by showing how successful project management will use stakeholder engagement, communication, leadership, and teamwork that is ethical, and culturally aware; and,
  • Demonstrate strategic financial and organizational contextual awareness and insight by linking key stakeholder objectives to sustainable competitive strategies required to deliver value across operational functions using traditional and agile techniques.


The Master of Science in Project Management is accredited by the Global Accreditation Center from the Project Management Institute. HU’s M.S. program in Project Management is one of only 110 programs around the world to achieve this accreditation. The Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC) is an independent academic accreditation body with policies, procedures, and standards for project, program, portfolio management and related programs at the bachelor’s, postgraduate and doctoral degree levels.

Harrisburg University is a Registered Education Provider (REP®) through the Project Management Institute (PMI®), providing preparation for the nationally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification.

The PMP credential is recognized as the most important certification for project managers. It is globally acknowledged, in heavy demand, and highly sought after by corporations and individuals alike. A Project Management Professional designation demonstrates that a project manager has not only the experience but also the education to successfully lead and direct projects.

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Project Management Requirements

Master of Science in Project Management program is a 36-semester hour program that consists of required core courses (18 semester hours), required project or thesis courses (6 semester hours), and electives from a wide range of management and technology courses (12 semester hours). The semester hour value of each course appears in parentheses ( ).

Complete all of the following Core courses –18 semester hours:

  • MGMT 520 Professional Communication (3)
  • MGMT 560 Organizational Leadership (3)
  • PMGT 510 Principles of Project Management (3)
  • PMGT 530 Procurement, Contracts & Risk Management (3)
  • PMGT 540 Planning and Executing Projects (3)
  • PMGT 570 Agile Project Management with Scrum (3)

Complete the following Experiential courses – 6 semester hours:

  • GRAD 695 Research Methodology and Writing (3)


  • PMGT 699 Applied Project in PMGT


  • GRAD 699 Graduate Thesis (3)

Complete one of the following concentrations (12 semester hours):

Agile Lean Concentration:

  • PMGT 572 Agile Scrum Applied Projects


  • PMGT 573 Scaling Agile for the Enterprise (3)
  • PMGT 574 Agile Lean Product Development (3)
  • PMGT 576 Agile Lean Transformational Leadership (3)
  • PMGT Elective (3)

Individualized Concentration:

The Master of Science in Project Management student can choose courses totaling 12 semester hours from any of the following Master of Science programs: Analytics, Computer Information Sciences, Information Systems Engineering and Management, Learning Technologies, or Project Management.

Admission Process

Email to request program details and application instructions.

The admission process at HU is designed to help you make good decisions about your educational choices and to make sure you explore all the enrollment options at the University, so you find the plan that works best for you. The process is meant to be informative and encouraging–not to present an intimidating barrier to your educational plans. Just as every student receives personal attention in the classroom, every applicant receives thorough consideration and guidance during the enrollment process.

The University seeks students from a variety of backgrounds who can contribute to a vibrant and diverse University community. Students can demonstrate their academic potential through a variety of means. No one particular factor can measure a student’s potential, therefore the University gives consideration to all aspects of your admissions application.

Last updated November 2019

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There’s so much that’s great about Harrisburg University. It’s hard to choose what’s the best reason to attend college here.

There’s so much that’s great about Harrisburg University. It’s hard to choose what’s the best reason to attend college here. Read less