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  • Train in marketing, multi-channel marketing, communication and sales.
  • To enable students to acquire knowledge and to develop their know-how and their know-how, necessary for an integration and an evolution in company.
  • Develop the ability to take initiatives to act as a leader and to work in a team: qualities essential to the professional success of future managers

Strong points

  • A program offering a double-competency: in marketing / commercial strategy
  • A course adapted to ESC, IEP, Engineers, Academics or Cadres in training recovery
  • Educational content created from real business cases
  • A professional training: mission, challenge in company, business dating, professional conferences ...
  • A promotion on a human scale

Modules and materials

The MS Marketing and Business Strategy is based on solid academic training provided by speakers with an academic background and extensive professional experience. The curriculum is based on an alternation between courses, competitions and corporate missions. Its vocation is to train in marketing, multi-channel marketing, communication and sales. Learning by doing is the foundation of our pedagogy, through missions or challenges.

This training is provided on the Le Havre campus. It has been designed to enable students to acquire knowledge and develop their know-how and their skills, which are necessary for enterprise integration and development. It develops the ability to take initiatives to act as a leader and to work in a team: qualities essential to the professional success of future managers. The option combines learning phases in the form of seminars delivered by professional speakers and phases where the student is fully active in his training (1 mission, 3 challenges).

Module 1: Knowledge of self and the group

This module aims to learn the basics of interpersonal relationship in a professional setting. This will help you understand the basics of building leadership and how to position yourself in a group to succeed and thrive.

Module 2: Trade Negotiation

This module, very operation, will allow you to perfectly integrate effective techniques to carry out a commercial interview and conclude your sale effectively (preparation, customer targeting, identification of expectations, method of argumentation, closing techniques)

Module 3: Industrial Marketing (in English)

Totally in English, this course aims to understand the specific issues of industrial marketing through fundamental knowledge and practical cases.

Module 4: Marketing and Business Strategy

In this module, you will learn the mindset and methods of marketing in an operational way. You will answer the following questions: how to set up a customer orientation in the company? How to manage customers in difficult situations or crisis? What are the impacts of loyalty methods?

Module 5: Customer Relationship Management and e-marketing

In this module you will answer the following questions: What are the differences between an RCMP-based business development model and others? What are the challenges and constraints of a business model adapted to web-marketing activities? How to integrate the Internet and mobile dimensions into a corporate strategy?

Module 6: Communication Strategy and Brand Management

In this module you will learn about the fundamentals of communication strategy and brand strategy (creative strategy, brand architecture, perspective and future, etc.).

Module 7: Marketing Strategy

A very operational module, you will use your knowledge to define the most appropriate strategy for your competitors. Supervised by experts, you will need in a simulation to define your strategic choices to be the most effective.

Module 8: CSR

You will understand the issues for the CSR business and identify the role of marketing in implementing a sustainable development approach.

Module 9: English

Module 10: Career Path

Module 11: Memory Methodology

Conditions of admission

Bac 5 without experience or Bac 4 with 3 years of professional experience. Possible derogation according to jury's assessment

Output level

Label awarded by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles


International applicants (who need a visa) must send their application no later than 1 July.

In parallel with the application file EM Normandie , international candidates must set up a Campus France file in order to facilitate obtaining their visa.

If you are accepted into the program, you will be required to pay a deposit of € 2,500 (deductible tuition fees) to reserve your place in the training. You will be accompanied in your visa and accommodation by the International Relations Department once you have paid the deposit.

Career Opportunities

Sales manager, sales team manager, product manager assistant, product manager, marketing manager, communication manager, web marketing manager, department manager, point of sale manager ...

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Last updated December 11, 2018
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Sept. 2019
15 months
12,000 EUR
July 1, 2019
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Sept. 2019
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July 1, 2019

Sept. 2019

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July 1, 2019
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