The Learning Technologies and Media Systems (LTMS) program explores the intersection of learning and technology and provides our students with hands-on experiences that show how technology is changing learning. Students study the art and science of instructional design and develop practical skills to analyze performance, create new solutions and manage the technology of instruction. Our students are employed in industry and in education, and our program strives to develop new knowledge in both areas. You can explore the many facets of the program from this central location.

Learning technologies have expanded beyond the use of a learning management system and web-based learning to encompass a range of technologies and opportunities.

About the LTMS Program Master’s Degree

The Learning Technologies & Media Systems Master of Science (LTMS) at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is a part-time or full-time 36 semester-hour program that provides students with leading-edge approaches and skills to help them apply existing and emerging learning technologies in a variety of learning environments. The innovative applied learning technologies program provides you with immediate career benefits while preparing you for projected industry needs.

Program Goals

The program provides you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Analyze performance improvement opportunities to determine appropriate solutions.
  • Create engaging learning solutions to improve performance.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of learning solutions.
  • Play a role as a thought leader in the integration of technology to improve learning and performance.

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Learning Technologies Requirements

The following courses comprise the Learning Technologies and Media Systems program - 36 semester hours. There are 15 semester hours of required core courses, 15 semester hours of open electives or concentration-based electives and 6 semester hours of an experiential component. The semester hour value of each course appears in parentheses ( ).

Complete all of the following Core courses – 15 semester hours:

  • LTMS 500 Macro Instructional Design (3)
  • LTMS 510 Learning Technologies and Solutions (3)
  • LTMS 514 Media, Selection, Design and Production (3)
  • LTMS 518 eLearning Development (3)
  • LTMS 525 Learning Theories & Instructional Strategies (3)

Complete the following Experiential courses – 6 semester hours:

  • GRAD 695 Research Methodology and Writing (3)


  • GRAD 699 Graduate Thesis


  • LTMS 698 Learning Technologies Internship (3)


  • LTMS 699 Learning Technologies Applied Project

Complete one of the following Concentrations (15 semester hours):

Instructional Technology:

  • LTMS 520 Learning Evaluation & Assessment (3)
  • LTMS 530 Managing Technology Resources (3)
  • LTMS 600 Implementing Web 2.0 in the Classroom (3)
  • LTMS 608 Course Management Systems (3)
  • LTMS 615 Coordinating the Learning Technology Infrastructure (3)

It is possible to earn an Instructional Certificate in Instructional Technology K – 12 while completing the instructional technology concentration of the LTMS Master of Science program.

Instructional Design:

  • LTMS 520 Learning Evaluation & Assessment (3)
  • LTMS 614 Social Learning in the Organization (3)
  • LTMS 635 eLearning Authoring Systems (3)
  • LTMS 636 Micro Instructional Design (3)
  • LTMS 609 Synchronous Facilitation (3)


  • LTMS 645 Visual Representation for Learning and Communication (3)

Instructional Development:

  • LTMS 611 Extensible Languages for Development (3)
  • LTMS 619 Enterprise Applications for eLearning (3)
  • LTMS 625 Learning Management & Content Management Systems (3)
  • LTMS 635 eLearning Authoring Systems (3)
  • LTMS 680 Advanced eLearning Development (3)

Games and Simulations:

  • LTMS 531 Designing Games & Simulations (3)
  • LTMS 532 Developing Games & Simulations (3)
  • LTMS 533 3D Modeling & Design (3)
  • LTMS 534 Development for Virtual Worlds (3)
  • LTMS 611 Extensible Languages for Development (3)

Integration and Leadership:

  • PMGT 510 Principles of Project Management (3)
  • LTMS 612 Integrating Learning Technologies with HR Functions (3)


  • LTMS 530 Managing Technology Resources (3)
  • LTMS 602 Learning Technology Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation (3)


  • LTMS 520 Learning Evaluation and Assessment (3)
  • LTMS 625 Learning Management & Content Management Systems (3)
  • LTMS 613 Data Protection in Learning Solutions (3)

Individualized Concentration:

The Learning Technologies and Media Systems student can choose courses totaling 15 semester hours from any of the Master of Science programs.

Admission Process

Email to request program details and application instructions.

The admission process at HU is designed to help you make good decisions about your educational choices and to make sure you explore all the enrollment options at the University, so you find the plan that works best for you. The process is meant to be informative and encouraging–not to present an intimidating barrier to your educational plans. Just as every student receives personal attention in the classroom, every applicant receives thorough consideration and guidance during the enrollment process.

The University seeks students from a variety of backgrounds who can contribute to a vibrant and diverse University community. Students can demonstrate their academic potential through a variety of means. No one particular factor can measure a student’s potential, therefore the University gives consideration to all aspects of your admissions application.

Program taught in:
  • English (US)

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