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Program Description


The 36 semester hour graduate program in Information Systems Engineering and Management (ISEM) at Harrisburg University is designed to educate the leaders who can plan, engineer and re-engineer, and manage the systems needed to support the modern digital enterprises.  HU graduate studies in ISEM cut across the following three active areas of work:

  • Information Systems – latest technologies and approaches (e.g. web-based components, mobile computing and wireless communications, business intelligence, and emerging technologies);
  • Systems Engineering – systems thinking and emphasis on systems instead of individual components; enterprise architectures consisting of people, processes and technologies; and,
  • Management – business strategies, entrepreneurship, planning integration, security, governance, global enterprises, and agile enterprises.

ISEM at HU is a flexible and interdisciplinary program that emphasizes enterprise architecture, planning, and management issues at global levels.  An HU ISEM student may specialize in the following areas:  digital government, digital health, entrepreneurship, information security, software engineering, and systems development, and an individualized concentration.

Program Goals

ISEM graduates are able to:

  • Formulate and implement business strategies;
  • Articulates knowledge of various system components associated with digital enterprises;
  • Recognizes the interrelationship between various system components; and
  • Formulates the design and planning processes involving information, engineering, and management systems.
  • Leads the management for primary operational functions within modern enterprises.

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Information Systems Engineering and Management Requirements

The following courses comprise the Master of Science in Information Systems Engineering and Management program - 36 semester hours. The semester hour value of each course appears in parentheses ( ).

Complete all of the following Core courses – 15 semester hours:

  • ISEM 500 Strategic Information Systems Planning, Engineering & Mgmt (3)
  • ISEM 540 Architectures and Integration of Modern Enterprises (3)
  • MGMT 510 Business Strategy and Management Principles (3)

Choose one of the following courses – 3 semester hours:

  • CISC 510 Object-Oriented Software
  • ISEM 502 User-Centered Design
  • ISEM 530 Analysis and Design of Modern Information Systems (3)
  • ISEM 565 Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems
  • LTMS 531 Designing Serious Games and Simulations

Choose one of the following courses – 3 semester hours:

  • ANLY 500 Analytics I: Principles and Applications
  • MGMT 511 Digital and Global Organizations (3)
  • PMGT 510 Principles of Project Management

Complete the following experiential courses – 6 semester hours:

  • GRAD 695 Research Methodology and Writing (3)


  • ISEM 699 Applied Project in ISEM


  • GRAD 699 Graduate Thesis (3)

Complete the following Concentration (15 semester hours):

Individualized Concentration:

The Master of Science in Information Systems Engineering and Management student can choose courses totaling 15 semester hours of credit from any of the graduate programs at Harrisburg University. This option allows the ISEM student to build their own customized specializations and concentrations. Although the ISEM student can take any courses from any graduate program, they are encouraged to choose electives that focus on their professional areas of interest. In addition, the ISEM student is expected to use the concepts learned in these electives to strengthen their capstone courses. Suggested elective courses that focus on areas such as Analytics, Business Intelligence, Digital Enterprises, Digital technologies, Information Security and many others are listed in the “ISEM Student Guide available at (ISEM Corner) and or by contacting your ISEM advisor or the program lead.

Admission Process

Email to request program details and application instructions.

The admission process at HU is designed to help you make good decisions about your educational choices and to make sure you explore all the enrollment options at the University, so you find the plan that works best for you. The process is meant to be informative and encouraging–not to present an intimidating barrier to your educational plans. Just as every student receives personal attention in the classroom, every applicant receives thorough consideration and guidance during the enrollment process.

The University seeks students from a variety of backgrounds who can contribute to a vibrant and diverse University community. Students can demonstrate their academic potential through a variety of means. No one particular factor can measure a student’s potential, therefore the University gives consideration to all aspects of your admissions application.

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