MS ENVIM - International Environmental Management

MINES ParisTech

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MS ENVIM - International Environmental Management

MINES ParisTech


MS ENVIM - International Environmental Management

Created in 1992, ISIGE – MINES ParisTech is the educational centre for MINES ParisTech Graduate School (the Ecole des Mines de Paris) that is dedicated to the environment and sustainable development. It trains high-level experts who can grasp these issues in a comprehensive fashion.

ISIGE - MINES ParisTech hosts its students at one of Ecole des Mines ParisTech's four locations, namely the Fontainebleau campus. Located sixty kilometres south of Paris, this town offers a special living environment to the French and foreign students residing there.

On top of the cultural events and the town's opportunities for activities, the students value the proximity of the forest area. The Fontainebleau Forest, including a section listed as a "Man and Biosphere" reserve by UNESCO, presents several options for leisure activities—hiking, biking, and climbing. The city has several athletic facilities.

It is entirely taught in English.


Given entirely in English, the Advanced Master degree aims to train future professionals in the environmental and sustainable development fields. It is designed for students who are planning an international career in industrial groups or institutional bodies whose environmental and energy concerns are major issues.
Lasting a total of 14 months, the educational programme takes place at the Fontainebleau campus of the Ecole des MINES ParisTech (4.5 months) and at Tsinghua University in Beijing (3.5 months). The students receive a dual degree: an Advanced Master degree and the Master of Engineering from Tsinghua.


Academic instruction is given in English over 8 months (4.5 months at the ISIGE and 3.5 months at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China) and addresses the following topics:

1. Natural systems and resources

2. Institutions - Public policies – International conventions and stakeholders

3. Pollution prevention and control

4. Life cycle thinking

5. Climate change and environmental issues of energy

6. Sustainable strategies for industry

7. The environment at the territorial and urban levels

8. Language, cultural and institutional aspects

The programme includes several case studies, interactive exercises, and study trips. Several projects (done in teams) are undertaken at the same time by students.

Professional assignment:

Lasting six months, the goal of the assignment is to advance a strategic subject connected to the environment and to the sustainable development of a business. For the student, this is the opportunity to develop his/her earlier curriculum and recent acquisitions from the Advanced Master's degree in the field, by successfully carrying out a significant project in a professional setting.

For example

- Study of South East Asia biomass fuels for direct combustion - DPCleanTech

Skills acquired

  • Basic scientific knowledge in engineering and environmental management, including political, social, and regulatory issues
  • Methodologies and tools for analysis, diagnosis, and quantification
  • Management of multidisciplinary projects
  • Ability to communicate, listen, and negotiate
  • Critical mindset, the ability to work in a team and in a multicultural context

Professional openings

  • Environmental supervisor in a large industrial group, department head or HEQ supervisor
  • Consultants in large consulting firms, credit rating agencies, and engineering firms


  • Participation by international experts who are recognised in their fields, industrialists, and teacher-researchers
  • The potential to finance the training through an industrial or institutional partnership
  • Forward-looking, strategic professional assignment topics
  • High rate of direct hiring
  • International alumni network
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Sept. 2017
14 months
Full time
12,000 EUR
Start date Sept. 2017
China Beijing
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End date Request Info
France Paris, Ile-de-France
Application deadline Request Info
End date Request Info
France Fontainebleau, Ile-de-France
Application deadline Request Info
End date Request Info
Duration 14 months
Price 12,000 EUR
or 20000 € with financial support