MRes in Management Sciences

of the Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille University

This program requires proficiency in English and French.

The Master's of Research in Management Sciences of the Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille University prepares students for access in the best conditions to a doctoral programme that meets the requirements for international research and enables them to follow an academic track to become a university or business school professor-researcher. It also leads to high-level positions in the consulting domain as well as to management positions in national and international organisations.

The make-up of this Master's, with a methodological common-core syllabus that is indispensable for research in Management Sciences and courses in a speciality, responds to the expectations of organisations and research.

Structure of the Programme

The Master's of Research associates the School of Applied Economics (FEA), the IAE Graduate School of Management and the Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance (IMPGT). It, therefore, benefits from their excellence in teaching and research in Management Sciences.

This programme offers a wide range of courses that enable students to major in one of the following five options:

-- Financial Management

Pedagogic coordinator: Patrick Rousseau – IAE-Aix

--International Management

Pedagogic coordinator: Jean Philippe – FEA

--Public Management

Pedagogic coordinator: Robert Fouchet – IMPGT

--Human Resources Management and Corporate Strategy

Pedagogic coordinator: Emmanuelle Reynaud – IAE-Aix

-- Marketing

Pedagogic coordinator: Elyette Roux – IAE-Aix

Students attend two types of courses:

--A common-core syllabus which makes up the methodological bases of research in Management Sciences.

--Specific courses in each speciality

This programme is administered from September to September: the first trimester is devoted to the common-core syllabus and the next two trimesters to the specialised courses.

There is an oral exam at the end of courses in April. The summer trimester is devoted to the writing of a thesis which must be defended in the second week of August for the first session and in the last week of October for the second session.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Master's of Research in Management Sciences (M2) requires the equivalent of a 4-year university degree (240 ECTS) or more or equivalent. Most of the students come from classic programmes in Management and Economics (universities and business schools). The Master's of Research is also open to students from different disciplines (engineering, sociology, mathematics, philosophy, law, political science, etc.) and their applications are encouraged.

Recruitment is based on:

  • The candidate’s application file
  • Official copies of previous degrees and transcripts
  • Results from management skills testing (TAGE-MAGE, GMAT)
  • English language proficiency assessment (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or solid evidence of time spent in an English-speaking environment)
  • French language proficiency assessment for non-French candidates (TCF4 or B2 or equivalent)
  • The candidate’s cover letter
  • An essay letters of recommendation
  • An interview with the admissions board
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