MEng in Welding Engineering

University of the Witwatersrand

Program Description

MEng in Welding Engineering

University of the Witwatersrand

Wits University offers the International Institute of Welding course leading to the IWE ( International Welding Engineer -[BScEng graduates]) and IWT ( International Welding Technologist [BTech graduates]). Wits University is an Approved Training Body (ATB) for the International Institute of Welding (IIW). Successful completion of the courses (60% min/each module and a 95% attendance record) entitles the candidate to apply for IIW registration.

Benefits of the programme

The intent is to equip candidates for a career in the welding industry, this implying an understanding of the practice of welding engineering underpinned by sound science.

Curriculum Outline / Modules taught

The MEng in Welding Wits is made up of 12 courses divided into four main modules. The modules are welding processes, welding metallurgy, welded joint design and fabrication, and applications and case studies.

Closing dates

Whilst late entries can be considered the desirable closing date for those completing the whole course is mid February. Whilst those who complete individual stand alone courses can register through the year, if individual courses are taken as part of, say a GDE, the February registration applies.

Note: The GDE/ MEng qualifications will be replaced by the PGD/MScEng qualifications in 2017. Whislt the structure will change the intent is that the programme continue to offer the IWE/IWT curriculum.

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The course is run over one year and comprises twelve courses each involving one week of classes (at about one month intervals), completion of an assignment (30%) and a written exam (70%) Attendance at the courses is mandatory as this affects IIW registration for successful candidates.


Welding is an enabling technology. The IWE and IWT qualifications apply mainly to structural engineering (including mining and air sea and land transport)) and are recognised world wide. Other applications of welding technology include electronics, electrical, medical implants, process plants subject to health legislation, rebuild of wear parts (such as rolls), hard surfacing eg mining and earth moving equipment) and 3D printing of metal objects. In short a wide range of opportunity opens to those who have appropriate welding qualifications and experience.

Entry Requirements

Enrolment criteria / Admission requirements

BSc Mech/ Met Eng can enrol directly into the MEng course. BTech Mech/Met Eng candidates need to register for the GDE. Successful completion enables direct transfer to the MEng programme through a July re-registration. General PG registration is in February. Whilst later registrations (or single courses) can be accommodated by the University, as the courses develop stepwise, February registration is best

Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
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Start date
Feb., 2017
1 year
Full time
Start date Feb., 2017
South Africa Johannesburg
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Duration 1 year
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