MEng in Automotive Systems


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Program Description

Innovative and International

  • Build your career in automotive systems;
  • Study in the heart of the European automotive industry;
  • Learn to work in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment;
  • Study in English – live in Germany.

"An experience that changes your life" - Alfonso Rivera, ASM class of 2014

In recent years, automotive systems have increased in number, scope, and complexity. The automotive industry is faced with an enormous challenge due to the rise in competition and steadily increasing requirements regarding cost, active and passive safety and fuel economy.

These challenges can only be met by expanding and cross-linking the present automotive systems. In spite of increasing complexity, systems with greater safety, availability, and reliability have to be realized.

The development of such systems demands specialist qualifications and knowledge plus the ability and willingness to work in an interdisciplinary and international team. The aim of the course is to communicate these skills.

Build your career in Automotive Systems

The program is designed for students who wish to become highly qualified engineers in the field of automotive systems, who wish to work in the development of feedback control systems, automotive software, and automotive electronics. Students have to choose one of the three majors:

  • Software-Based Automotive Systems
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Car Electronics

Graduates who choose the major "Software-Based Automotive Systems" will have the chance to work in the field of development, market launch and supervision of vehicle series production of suitable and innovative car communication systems and of safe software.

Graduates who choose the major "Vehicle Dynamics" will have the chance to work in the field of development and testing of innovative automotive functions for steering, suspension, and powertrain to improve ride & handling, stability, driveability, and fuel economy.

Graduates who choose the major "Car Electronics" will have the chance to work in the field of specification, development and testing of control units and their integration in the car, taking into account car specific basic conditions like function, packaging, and EMC.

Study in the heart of the European Automotive Industry

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has a long tradition in educating mechanical and automotive engineers. Founded in 1914 as the Royal College for Mechanical Engineering, the university has always taken advantage of its location in one of the major centers of the European industry and is therefore closely linked to the nearby companies. These include many global technological leaders in mechanical and automotive engineering such as Bosch, Daimler, Audi, Festo, Porsche, and many others. These strong connections to the industry are especially important when it comes to the placement of the student’s master's thesis.

Learn to work in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment

The ASM program reflects the needs of globally-oriented companies. We offer the opportunity for students from diverse cultural backgrounds to study, work and live together. This is made possible through active contact with partner universities in many countries throughout the world. The intercultural co-operation on project work is also of added value to master's students.


The Esslingen master's programs were among the first to be accredited in Germany, and are regularly reaccredited by the ASIIN. The ASIIN is responsible for examining and certifying STEM university programs, as well as interdisciplinary programs containing STEM subjects. The ASM program has worked closely with the ASIIN to help ensure its continued development of high quality and international recognition.

Esslingen: an ideal place to study

The city of Esslingen has a population of over 93,000 inhabitants and lies nestled in the vineyards overlooking the Neckar valley. Stuttgart, the capital city of Baden-Wuerttemberg, is only 20 kilometers away.

Near the university, there are many hiking paths through the vineyards and forests that can be explored on foot, by bicycle or segway. Within the city, there are many parks, the city castle, waterways, street cafés, and theatres. In the winter, the old city center lights up with a Christmas market; in the summer, live music, open-air cinemas, and artisan’s markets make Esslingen come to life. Esslingen’s historical city center, with its half-timbered houses, its cafés, and its diverse cultural life, is an ideal surrounding for successful study time.

Esslingen has a history reaching back over 1,200 years, a history in which tradition and progress have gone hand in hand. Since its industrialization, Esslingen has been a major center for engineering education, and it is this mixture of technical prowess and cultural tradition that makes Esslingen an ideal place to study.

The Automotive Systems Program

Master's Thesis

Scientific Work, Documentation, Defence

Major in Vehicle Dynamics

  • Ride and Handling: Handling, Suspension Modeling
  • Powertrain: Transmission Systems, Transmission Control, Engine
  • Control Systems

Major in Software-based Automotive Systems

  • Automotive Communications: Onboard and Off-board
  • Communication Systems, Man-Machine-Interactions (MMI)
  • Reliable Embedded Systems: Safety and Security, Selected Topics
    on Real-Time Systems

Major in Cas Electronics

  • Electric and Electronic Architecture: Electronics and Communication 1, Prototyping and Simulation, Lab Automotive
  • Electronic Control Circuits in Operation
  • Packaging and Integration: Packaging and Wiring Harness,
    Automotive EMC, Electronics and Communications 2, Lab Distributed Applications

Simulation And Control 2

Team Project

Mathematical Methods In Engineering:

Numerical Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Lab FEM

System Design:

Automotive Systems and Software Architectures, Automotive
Systems Development Process and System Test

Simulation and Control 1:

Basic Control, Advanced Control, Lab and Simulation Control

Vehicles Technology Or Electronics, Sensors, and Measurement Technology

Language And Culture Program in September

Additionally, the German class is offered a parallel to the course of study afterward.

Total Duration: 3 Semesters (18 months)

Admission Requirements

  • Major Vehicle Dynamics: Bachelor of Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
  • Major Car Electronics: Bachelor of Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering or equivalent
  • Major Software-Based Automotive Systems: Bachelor of Information Technology, Electrical Engineering or equivalent
  • Two references and one letter of motivation
  • English language test (please see our website for details)

Tuition fees: 1500 for non-EU members

Application deadline: March 31st

Last updated Oct 2019

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