The Master of Engineering (ME) program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering focuses on engineering practice and design. It can be completed within one calendar year and consists of up to 24 credits of graduate-approved coursework, (up to 18 in the major subject area and six in a minor area), and up to seven credits from a design project.

A design project is an integral part of the Master of Engineering program. It is intended to be an intensive team experience managed by the students and involving the examination and analysis of a real-world problem followed by the implementation of a design decision. Often, the problem will be drawn from the actual experiences of the design engineers who are available for interaction with the design team. The design team will be responsible for the preparation of written interim and final reports and, at the conclusion of the program, will make a formal non-graded presentation open to students, faculty and other interested parties.

Partial tuition scholarships are available for the Master of Engineering program. Transfer to the MS program is permitted up to the end of the first semester of study.


Admission Requirements

A B.S., B.E. or equivalent degree from an accredited program in Civil and Environmental Engineering or other engineering discipline is required for admission. Applicants with degrees in disciplines other than engineering may be required to demonstrate proficiency through additional undergraduate coursework as determined by the departmental Graduate Committee. This may comprise an additional semester of study for which graduate credit cannot be granted.

No minimum grade-point average is required for admission. However, a superior record of academic achievement is expected of all applicants.

School of Engineering Requirements

The following are minimum requirements:

  • 30 credit hours
  • 18 credit hours of graduate coursework
  • 1 credit hour of project work
  • 2 credit hours of seminar
  • 2 semesters in residence
  • An average of B or better for all graduate coursework applied toward the ME degree is required for graduation.
  • A maximum of 10 credit hours of transfer graduate credit may be awarded upon submitting a formal request to the dean of the Graduate School; official transcripts must be presented with the request.
  • All work must be completed in 2 calendar years.

Specialty Areas

All ME students must pass a group of core courses in one of the following specialty areas: Environmental, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, or Water Resources.

Other Information

  • The student has the option of continuing towards a Ph.D. degree if accepted by the Graduate Committee of the department. This requires notification of the School of Engineering Office of Graduate Programs and formal review by the same process employed in the review of all other Ph.D. applicants.
  • Students in the ME program in the CEE Department can be eligible for partial tuition assistance*.
  • ME degree students may transfer to the MS program no later than the end of the first semester in residence, with the concurrence of the Graduate Committee. Committee concurrence is sought by way of the CEE Graduate Committee Chair. Only under exceptional circumstances will MS students be allowed to transfer to the ME program. This transfer will require approval by the Graduate Committee and will require detailed written justification by the student and advisor.

* Self-paying students may receive a tuition scholarship for up to 40% of the tuition for which the student has registered. The Graduate School, upon recommendation by the Department, provides this scholarship. Full-time ME students may receive six credits of support for two semesters. These merit awards require up to six hours of departmental work per week.

Program taught in:
  • English

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