MD Management Engineering (taught in English or Italian)


Program Description

The Master's Degree in Management Engineering is part of the "International Programs" of the University of Bergamo and it is a two year Course offered both in Italian and in English. The admission criteria are the same for the Italian-taught and the English-taught paths. The choice of the path takes place at pre-enrolment.

To Whom It Is Addressed

The Course is addressed to students seeking to complement an in-depth knowledge of engineering with the ability to take strategic decisions and tackle organizational issues.

Learning Objectives

The Course aims to develop the students’ entrepreneurial and managerial skills and to provide them with the ability to plan and manage complex systems. The Management Engineer is characterized by strong analytical and decision-making skills coupled with an open and multidisciplinary mindset.

Learning Subjects

The Course covers a wide range of fields including technology, management, organization, entrepreneurship, economics, and finance.

Learning Methods

Traditional theoretical teaching is combined with executive seminars from prominent members of the business community and visits to leading companies of our region. Interactive teaching, project works, and lab activities encourage students to work in teams and equip them with tools and methods to manage business challenges, identify solutions and effectively make decisions.

Learning is envisaged in an international perspective. The environment is open to the contributions of international scholars and students. Stages, internships and learning periods abroad are encouraged and assisted.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from the Master's Degree in Management Engineering find a natural field of employment in all contexts where the interaction among organizational and management issues, technology, economic and environmental variables triggers a complexity that requires a structured, flexible and interdisciplinary approach. Management Engineers are suited for high-level careers in industry, consulting and financial services. Examples of specific areas where our graduates may give valuable contributions, both in private firms and public institutions, are:

  • Strategic planning,
  • Control of business operations,
  • Economic and financial analysis of investment projects,
  • Production management and logistics,
  • Management of distribution and supply chain,
  • Industrial quality control,
  • Promotion of technological innovation processes,
  • Service management and design,
  • Information and data management.

Internships, Summer Schools, and Special Projects

Stages and internships, both national and international, are encouraged. A number of summer schools with international partner universities are in place on various issues (Global Perspective on Public and Private Sector Interaction, Applied Health Econometrics and Health Policy, Green Energy Management).

Students may also participate in a joint research and teaching program with the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University focused on the topic of Smarter Citizens. An internship, a summer school or a special project may replace an elective subject and may be the basis for the master dissertation thesis.

International Programs

Students are encouraged to spend a period abroad by applying to the Erasmus+ Program or to similar extra-UE programs that are in place between the University of Bergamo and other primary universities worldwide. For more information, please contact the Head of International Programs, prof. Maria Sole Brioschi.


The admission requirements are a Bachelor's Degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution and adequate undergraduate training. Admission decisions are based on the curriculum of the candidate and possibly an interview. Please refer to the Course Coordinator, prof. Renato Redondi or the contact person responsible for Orientation, prof. Michele Meoli, for any query.

Non-UE students living abroad must apply through the Italian diplomatic offices (Embassy or Consulate) in their Country. For more information, please contact the International Student Services.

For incoming Erasmus+ students this Course follows the general rules of the official student exchange program. For more information, please contact the International Programs Office.

If not mother tongue, applicants to the English-taught path are required a B2 level in English and applicants to the Italian-taught path are required a B1 level in Italian according to the CEFR level scale.

Last updated Nov 2019

About the School

The University of Bergamo is located in Lombardia, a region in Northern Italy with more than 10 millions inhabitants and one of the regions with the highest GDP pro capita in Europe.

The University of Bergamo is located in Lombardia, a region in Northern Italy with more than 10 millions inhabitants and one of the regions with the highest GDP pro capita in Europe. Read less