MCom in Quantitative Finance


Program Description

The purpose of this programme is for the student to develop applied competence in the interpretation, reflection and application of principles in the broader field of quantitative finance. Through the master’s dissertation, a qualifying student shows evidence of scientific research, application of scientific research methodologies and an ability to reflect thereon in the holistic context of quantitative finance.

Admission requirements:

  • A potential student must be in possession of a
  • Quantitative Finance oriented Bachelor of Commerce Honours qualification on New NQF level 8/Old NQF level 7; or
  • Alternatively, a student should possess any other qualification on New NQF level 8/Old NQF level 7 and have related quantitative finance oriented experience which is deemed applicable by the Department of Finance and Investment Management;
  • Selection to the master’s research programme is subject to the successful defence of a research proposal. The research proposal should be presented to a panel convened by the Department of Finance and Investment Management for this purpose. The Department of Finance and Investment Management must specifically approve the field of study, the research topic, methodology and problem statement before the candidate may register;
  • Selection is based on academic merit and the availability of places and hence may entail the use of additional criteria/requirements; and
  • Final admission requirements will from time to time be set by the department.

Contact details: Prof Coenraad Labuschagne / 011 559 3799 /

Registration and Start Dates

Registration starts in January and lectures in February for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate course work programmes.

All research programmes for Masters and PhD can register throughout the year.

End Date: Academic starts in January and ends in December. Programme deadline is determined by the duration of the programme.

Last updated August 2019

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