MBA & Engineering in Life Science Management


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Program Description

The life science industry is in need of talented cross-functional leaders

Developing a new life science product – for example a medicine, raw material or diagnostic marker produced with biotechnology — and then successfully introducing it to the market is a complex process. Scientists and Engineers focus on finding suitable substances and developing efficient biotechnological production methods. Specific framework conditions need to be taken into account at an early stage, e.g. regulations for handling genetically modified organisms, sterile working conditions, special requirements for documenting work processes and complex legal licensing procedures. Business Experts and Lawyers assess the economic viability of the product, supervise the licensing process and analyse the market. Life science managers combine all of these disciplines. Life Science Managers understand the production conditions and the processes involved in the life science industry, are familiar with the licensing requirements for life science products and have the necessary business expertise.

Ideally prepared for future positions with greater responsibility

Our study programme, taught exclusively in English, is dedicated to engineers, natural scientists, business managers, industrial engineers and similar professionals. It aims at applying existing knowledge to fundamental problems within life sciences and at supplementing this competence by branch-specific knowledge and managerial expertise. The curriculum covers a wide range of academic topics as well as practical modules, enabling you to comprehend the entire value chain from various perspectives. As a graduate of this programme, you are perfectly prepared for a senior position within an international job environment within life sciences and are able to adapt easily to the respective work processes.


Professional focus right from the start

Almost every company in the life science industry has to deal with risk management, financial planning, project management, sales, marketing and business development. In order to prepare you for such tasks, project and practical work accounts for 30 percent of the study programme. Alongside your studies, you have personal coaching support with our lecturers, participate in excursions to companies and research institutions in the life science industry and attend trade fairs and conferences. Class sizes are small, and for each student a professor acts as a personal mentor and academic advisor.


Study in the “Health Capital” Berlin, Germany’s Life Science Hotspot

With its numerous biotech, medical engineering and pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and public institutions, the city offers you an excellent base for networking, apprenticeship and project work during your studies as well as to propel your career to more senior management roles within the life science industry. Germany`s low tuition fees, safe and comfortable studying environment and excellent universities attract plenty of international Master students.

Leverage your career to the next level now

The unique combined approach of the programme develops you to boost performance and productivity as engineers, natural scientists, business managers, industrial engineers and similar professionals within the life science industry.

Over 95% of the MBA & Engineering in Life Sciences Management graduates are employed within six months after graduating by multinational companies such as Bayer, Roche, Pfizer and others.

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About the School

With a student body of more than 13,000, the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin is the largest University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.

With a student body of more than 13,000, the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin is the largest University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Read less