Program Description

Program Overview and Mission

The Master of Science (MS) degree in Integrative Biological Diversity blends the biological and environmental sciences with current social issues in order to train students to assess, manage, and think critically about biodiversity issues. The Integrative Biological Diversity degree combines graduate courses with faculty expertise across the Connecticut State Colleges and University (CSCU) System. Students have opportunities to collaborate with partnering organizations to engage in real-world practice. This program is suitable for secondary education teachers, current environmental science professionals, and others who are interested in a graduate-level biology degree that focuses on the ecological, physiological, and natural history of biological organisms.

Learning Goals

The MS in Integrative Biological Diversity develops environmentally-responsible stewards that can apply scientific thinking to conserve biological resources, manage biodiversity, and address the concerns of stakeholders.


Students in the MS in Integrative Biological Diversity program will:

  • Apply the use of technologies (e.g. molecular methods or use of geographic information systems) to assess biological diversity and/or environmental health.
  • examine, quantify and describe organismal diversity across temporal and spatial scales (e.g. using geographic or phylogenetic analysis)
  • communicate with stakeholders about critical issues surrounding biodiversity (e.g., climate change, sustainability, emerging infectious diseases).

Learning Outcomes:

The MS in Integrative Biological Diversity will produce professionals who can define diversity and explain the interconnections of organisms that are the result of millions of years of coexistence and adaptation, are able to measure and monitor biodiversity using fundamental ecological techniques as well as in spatial and temporal dimensions, understand the adaptive relationship between form and function and mechanisms that control this relationship, and strive to maintain biodiversity through policy, sustainable development, and stewardship.

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