Master of Art Programs in Web Design

An MA, or Master of Arts, is a graduate school degree that can open the door to many different career opportunities. The degree certifies a level of academic and professional expertise within the student's field of study.

One field of study that students can pursue in MA programs is web design. What is an MA in Web Design? These programs center on teaching students as much as possible about effective ways to produce quality web pages. Curriculum often includes at least some coursework in web page layout and design, multimedia studies, computer science, computer graphics, digital communication and company branding. Student assessment is usually predominantly based on web design assignments. From these projects, students can begin amassing a portfolio of work to demonstrate their skill to future potential employers.

One key advantage to this path of study is the high level of demand for web designers that currently exists. Given the increasing prominence of the Internet for businesses and corporations across the world, skilled web designers often enjoy a fast-paced and rewarding work experience.

The cost of an MA program depends in part on the school's location and size. Students who wish to know more about a program's tuition, enrollment fees and registration costs should contact the school directly through the admissions office.

In terms of careers, students who successfully complete an MA in Web Design are well prepared. Graduates typically choose to go on to become website content managers and webpage designers, but their skills are also partially transferrable to work as graphic designers, digital communication specialists and web marketers. Employers are generally looking for a strong foundation of experience and knowledge of web design, and this is precisely what the MA in Web Design demonstrates. 

If you are interested in pursuing a career in web design, this path of study might be ideally suited for you. You can use our searchable listing of schools to find out more about programs around the world, and to discover which program best meets your needs and goals. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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MA in Web Design & Content Planning

University of Greenwich

This programme takes graduates from many disciplines and provides them with the skills to plan, design, build and promote effective websites. It is designed for people who man ...

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