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A Master of Arts is a postgraduate degree that many students choose to earn after securing their bachelor’s degrees. This course of study allows students to demonstrate their theoretical understanding and practical skill sets by completing roughly two years of rigorous coursework.

What is an MA in Transportation Engineering? This degree equips students to design and build public transportation systems that allow people to move efficiently and safely, such as roadways, bus networks and train systems. Students also learn to manage or assess these systems. Students may study traffic control, materials use, logistics, traffic science and the behavior underlying human travel. Coursework may also focus on the safety, financial and environmental issues that successful graduates may encounter during their careers.

Earning this degree can help graduates gain entry to a growing field in which qualified professionals are in demand. The rising population and the concentration of people in urban areas have created a significant strain on most urban transit systems. A professional with an MA in Transportation Engineering is poised to enter and succeed in this industry.

The cost of earning this degree depends on several factors. Institutions can set distinct tuition and fees, and the length of time needed to complete the program can also affect the final cost. Therefore, students should contact institutions that offer this degree directly for a more accurate estimate of cost.

Upon completion of this program, graduates are prepared to work as designers and managers within the transportation industry. They may develop entirely new transit systems, oversee the operation of existing systems or work on optimizing older systems. These professionals may also serve as regular advisors or freelance consultants who help government entities evaluate current transportation policies, proposed initiatives and ongoing projects.

Graduates can choose between earning this degree online or through conventional courses. Online learning appeals to many students because it allows them to pursue degrees without moving or taking on unnecessary costs. Interested students can compare the available options easily. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice.



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Art Center College of Design

Students of Art Center’s Graduate Program in Transportation Design will help change the thinking of the automotive industry and the wider field of transportation and pers ... [+]

Master of Fine Arts in Transportation DesignStudents of Art Center’s Graduate Program in Transportation Design will help change the thinking of the automotive industry and the wider field of transportation and personal mobility.The program will offer a choice of two tracks: the Vehicle Track and the Transportation Systems track.The Vehicle Track will be for those who wish to enter or re-enter the vehicle manufacturing industry and who are motivated to use creativity and strategic thinking beyond the sketchpad.The Transportation Systems track will be for those who are motivated to use design and systems thinking to create better transportation solutions at a systems level rather than at a product level.There is growing recognition within business and industry that designers bring important value well beyond product and service development. Therefore, both tracks of our program are a curricular mix of design methodology, strategic innovation, systems thinking, customer-driven research and superior communication skills. This, combined with a specialist knowledge and understanding of the respective fields, will equip graduates to become agents of change across a broad transportation landscape.Our program is a unique resource of creative leadership for all vehicle manufacturers as well as organizations and agencies responsible for planning, implementing and delivering complex transportation systems solutions for national, state and local use.Our program will flourish with a diverse student population. Vehicle Track students will come with strong transportation design skills. The Transportation Systems track will welcome students with prior degrees in subjects such as design, architecture, urban planning, business administration, engineering, anthropology or... [-]

USA Pasadena Santa Barbara
September 2020
2 - 3 years