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A Master of Arts or MA is a graduate degree typically earned after a program of study of the fine arts, humanities, social sciences or other, similar concentrations. These programs tend to last one to two years.

Students who study teaching learn how to educate others in specific areas. Programs may combine knowledge in a particular area with the tools and methods to be able to share this knowledge with other individuals.

India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world

Top Master of Art Programs in Teaching in India 2019

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M.A. in Art Practices: Specialisation - Public Pedagogy and Art Practice

Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology
Campus Full time 2 years July 2019 India Bengaluru

Public Pedagogy and Art Practice brings together a rich set of public practices from- cultural activism, public art, experimental pedagogy, community based art, socially engaged art, public acts/ performances, to internet based public art. The course enables creative practitioners to educate, inspire, and catalyse social action. [+]

M.A. in Art Practices: Specialisation - Public Pedagogy and Art Practice

The program in Public Pedagogy and Art Practice at Srishti brings together a rich set of practices from cultural activism, public art, urban and rural studies and the study of local knowledge systems into an emerging area of study that looks at traditional and contemporary public creative practices that are used to educate, inspire and provoke a larger public. These forms draw from a diversity of public engagements, evoke the absurd, catalyse agency for social action and emerge from many different sites of on-the-ground experimentation. They are community based, multi-age and focus on social transformation that challenges mainstream elite forms of knowledge production. The program takes learning back to the street by understanding practices and practitioners that have rejected the exclusive institutional structures, focusing instead on peoples’ science, peoples; medicine, peoples’ history and peoples’ education.... [-]

M.A. in Design Practices: Specialisation - Design in Education

Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology
Campus Full time July 2019 India Bengaluru

MA Design in Education proposes to develop professionals in education and allied fields of learning who are: • lifelong inquirers about their self and practice • designers of new learning worlds • creative innovators within emerging educational paradigms and frameworks • active and networked members in communities of reflective practitioners and • seekers of personal mastery. This course conceives of a future of learning that is foregrounded in ideas and principles of complexity & systems thinking, slowness and mindfulness practices. It is conceptualized to provide opportunities for professionals to nurture a design sensibility in the new and emerging areas such as maker spaces, within universities and colleges who are providing design-based degrees, and as a stepping stone for individuals wanting to lead NGOs, CSRs and other institutions that intersect development and education. The course is relevant to anyone currently working in areas concerned with communities of learning be it government and civil services, education providers, policy makers, foundations working with CSR, edupreneurs both in formal and non-formal sectors, teachers and heads of department in schools and colleges, educational start-ups and NGOs. It includes practitioners in allied educational fields such as museums, interpretation centres, galleries, zoos, publishing houses and content designers for textbooks and other educational materials. [+]

In the rapidly changing world of the 21st century, emerging worldviews of learning and education are providing an urgent impetus for professionals to re-define themselves and their practice. Today and tomorrow’s professionals face new demands and expectations in how they navigate complex realities and opportunities to spearhead both transformations for themselves and within the world of learning.

How do we nurture within ourselves a consciousness to adapt, embrace uncertainties, become facilitators and leaders of transformation?

We envision the specialization in Design in Education as a learning opportunity for professionals who seek to meet the dynamic and changing needs of learning societies and a vehicle for supporting their critical and reflective practice. Therefore, the vision is to develop professionals in education and allied fields of learning who are:... [-]