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Neuchâtel is located in the French speaking part of Switzerland and it’s home to the University of Neuchâtel, offering courses in human sciences, law, theology, natural sciences and economics. There are also eight great libraries.

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Master of arts in journalism and communication (maj)

University of Neuchatel, Faculty of Economics and Business
Campus Full time 4 - 6  September 2019 Switzerland Neuchâtel

Future journalists and media executives will have to understand, control and anticipate the very rapid developments in the sector. The program is fundamentally interdisciplinary and integrative. Its aim is to articulate a theoretical and practical training of high level in journalism with the study of its economic, technological and media context. The emphasis on technological innovation is an additional asset of mastery. The AJM thus trains versatile professionals, capable of adaptation, autonomy and inventiveness in the face of changing journalistic and editorial realities. [+]

Objectives Future journalists, regardless of their future level of responsibility, must understand, control and anticipate very rapid developments in the sector. The Academy of Journalism and Media (AJM) combines high-level theoretical and practical training in journalism with its master's degree in the study of the economic, technological and media context.

An unprecedented partnership with the media Unique in Switzerland, this university education is characterized by the integration of a professionalising dimension in an ambitious academic context. It is designed in partnership with the University of Geneva (8 courses common to journalism and media training) and the Journalism and Media Training Center (CFJM), which represents media companies in French-speaking Switzerland. Through the periods of internship in company (mandatory and remunerated at least Fr. 250.- / week), editorial workshops and courses given by recognized professionals ( ajm / intervenants_1), students are regularly in contact with the world of information media.... [-]