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A Master of Arts is a graduate degree which involves several years of study within a given academic field. This path of study is an opportunity for students to specialize in the area of their choice, preparing them for careers or for yet higher-level study.

What is an MA in Statistics? Statistics is the study of how data can be effectively collected, analyzed and presented. As part of the required classwork, students are given advanced instruction in statistical theory, problems in statistics and mathematics generally. As another important component of the curriculum, students are usually required to complete at least one independent research project in which they apply their statistical skills and learning.

This chance to practice and make use of this learning is one of the key benefits of this path of study. It offers students the opportunity to get a sense for what careers in this field truly involve, and to better understand what kind of research most interests them.

A statistics master's program will vary in cost from school to school. Each program involves a different mix of tuition costs and enrollment fees. Contact the admissions office directly for more information regarding a program's cost.

This degree can equip graduates for professional work in a number of fields. Statistical analysis and information management constitute highly important components of business, scientific research and political science. Because statistics can be applied to such a broad range of subjects, graduates have the happy opportunity to choose what type of research they wish to pursue. Putting to use their classroom learning and work experience, graduates of these programs can work as researchers, data collectors or consultants.

Students who are ready to apply to an MA in Statistics program are invited to make use of our searchable database of schools. With it, they can find the program best suited to meet their professional goals. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.



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University of Haifa, International School

The one-year International Master of Arts program in Statistics at the University of Haifa in Israel is dedicated to providing you with a rigorous, modern, and up-to-date ... [+]

MA Degrees in Statistics.

During the last decade, there has been a dramatic increase in the size and complexity of data collected by both Industry and the Academic community. Examples include genomic and proteomic data on one hand, and social media and electronic commerce data on the other. The availability of such vast quantities of data is having a large impact on both academic research and business practices. In particular, it is changing the nature and focus of the statistical profession.

The Department of Statistics at the University of Haifa is dedicated to providing its students with a rigorous, modern and up to date education in this exciting era for our profession. We focus on fundamentals while teaching the newest methods and applications. We emphasize computational know-how, the understanding of statistical ideas, and the ability to apply them. We train our graduates to analyze and draw meaningful conclusions from data, a skill that is becoming ever more important. Our goal is to see out graduates assume leading roles, within the profession, whatever their career choices may be.... [-]

Israel Haifa Poland Warsaw
October 2019
1 year
Binghamton University

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers a professionally oriented Master’s of Arts degree program in statistics. The lively and versatile curriculum focuses on tra ... [+]

MA in Statistics

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers a professionally oriented Master’s of Arts degree program in statistics. The lively and versatile curriculum focuses on training that is applicable in the real world, and the program aims to prepare skillful statisticians for professional careers in industry.

The program includes an integrated lab component that emphasizes the practice of contemporary data analysis and exposes students to methods, software and theory commonly used in applications of statistics. The program requires courses specific to the area of statistics, and the student is required to finish 10 courses and two 1-credit capstone seminars for a total of 42 credits. An exit exam or final thesis is not required.... [-]

USA Binghamton
September 2019
2 years