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Earning a Master of Arts provides just what the name implies: mastery of a subject in the arts or humanities. Focused on a narrower field of study than a bachelor’s degree, the master’s degree can prepare a student for the competitive working world.

What is an MA in South American Studies? Students in this area of study can learn about politics, language, and culture in South American nations. Both English and Spanish may be studied in pursuit of this degree. These studies can branch into areas such as human rights and politics, identifying and analyzing changes within this specific region. Within the basis of this rich culture, students look at how government and the economy fold into one another and how they may take shape in the future. Studies may also include literature and the arts and how these play a part in shaping the culture.

Learning Spanish and English can open a world of possibilities to graduates of this course; many employers prefer workers who have mastery of more than one language. Studies of economics advance business possibilities for students, and the ability to analyze social change is of interest to many potential employers in government.

Completing the coursework for a master’s degree typically takes one to three years. The cost of this program depends on location and the student’s chosen course of study. Students can research individual program costs by contacting schools directly.

Students graduating with an MA in South American Studies can pursue several career options both locally and internationally. Graduates could become researchers, publishers, or journalists. Another option is becoming a teacher or professor, locally or overseas, teaching in the field or in similar specialized disciplines, such as a professor of Latin American Studies or women’s studies. The cultural diversity of this degree could also allow students to work for international organizations as an international financial advisor or overseas representative.

Courses for an MA in South American Studies can be found at multiple locations around the world, as well as online. To find out more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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MA in The Americas / Las Américas

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg FAU
Campus Full time 4 semesters October 2019 Germany Nuremberg

The Americas / Las Américas [+]

MA Degrees in South American Studies. Contents of the degree program Basic module: The Americas/Las Américas Compulsory elective module: Spanish language practice(Español avanzado) Compulsory elective module: English language practice Compulsory elective module: Area and region (Raum und Region) Compulsory elective module: North American studies North America: Culture & literature Latin America: Culture and literature (América Latina: Cultura y literatura) Compulsory elective module: Migration (Migration) Compulsive elective module: Human rights(Menschenrechte) Compulsory elective module: Latin American Studies (Estudios latinoamericanos) North America: Politics & society Latin America: Politics and society (América Latina: Politica y sociedad) Project module: The Americas/Las Américas Master’s thesis Occupational fields Cultural management International organisations Publishing and journalism In political education or in intercultural fields of work at the intersection of business, politics and culture Teaching and research International Semester(s) abroad (information only available in German) Partner universities of the Institute of English and American Studies (information only available in German) Partner universities of the Institute of Romance Studies (information only available in German) Qualification requirements ... [-]