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The MA degree is primarily for students who want to improve their general mathematics education or to teach.

Social Sciences programs give students a foundational understanding of complex sociological and psychological principles that prepares them for careers in non-profit organizations, treatment facilities, home healthcare and government agencies. Common course topics include sociology, psychology, ethics, grant writing, research and social policy.

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Lethbrigde city is represented well in terms of higher education by the Lethbridge University and college. However, there are other learning centres where an array of options and education opportunities can be achieved in this area by students willing to advance their education.

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Master of Arts in Cultural, Social, and Political Thought

University of Lethbridge
Campus Full-time Part-time 24 - 48 months September 2019 Canada Lethbridge + 1 more

The Cultural, Social, and Political Thought major in the Master of Arts (MA) program is interdisciplinary within the humanities and social sciences and is based on a cohort learning model that fosters an environment of interdisciplinary engagement and exchange, research, peer mentoring, collaboration among a small group of students, within a team-based learning experience. The overall academic aims of the major are to emphasize social, cultural, and political thought and to install the intellectual and practical tools to work successfully with community partners and agencies to facilitate social change. Students graduating from the Cultural, Social, and Political Thought major will demonstrate a range of professional skills (e.g., peer review, public presentations, critical thinking) and research competencies. Graduates are capable of producing novel, relevant, and rigorous research that makes significant contributions to interdisciplinary knowledge.