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A Master of Arts (MA) degree usually covers subject areas with a liberal arts emphasis. This might include a philosophy or history emphasis or even literature. An MA program is a postgraduate academic opportunity that delves more deeply or with a narrower focus than undergraduate programs.

What is an MA in Services Design? This field is both exciting and full of opportunities. The subject deals with the design of the areas where services are delivered. This can refer to communication services, product design, interaction design, and places such as healthcare centers, media agencies or within hospitality sectors. Students will be exposed to learning in the technology, commercial context and organization of services. They will practice the methods used during the conception of and execution of services. 

Students benefit from the chance to focus on a particular area of services. Some examples are within an art and science pathway or visual portrayals of death. The atmosphere of the program is one of cooperation and support, with an element of critical analysis. Some programs may offer private tutors and highly regarded instructors. Students have access to specialists in their chosen area and exposure to experts in other areas.

The cost of tuition and fees can be very different from one school to another, particularly across international borders. The best way to get accurate information about costs is to directly contact the schools that interest you.

Graduates may find positions as designers at service labs or design networks, senior interaction designers, consultants concerning customer experiences or service designers for in the healthcare industry. Other positions include innovation consultant, UX designer, graphic designer, instruction design consultant and client support specialist. The field is wide open and offers graduates many exciting careers. 

If a job in this industry seems exciting to you, review the school options in the program listing. Fill out the lead forms to get more in depth information. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Royal College of Art

Service Design has become the new frontier for designers who want to make a difference at scale, and in so doing advance the discipline of design. The service sector repr ... [+]

Study at the World's number one ranked art and design university for five consecutive years (2015-2019) in the QS World University Subject Rankings.

About the Programme

Service Design has become the new frontier for designers who want to make a difference at scale, and in so doing advance the discipline of design. The service sector represents almost 80 percent of the advanced economies, and in recent years the role of design in transforming both public and private sector services has become widely recognised. The programme at the Royal College of Art is the leading specialist service design programme worldwide and with around 80 students and researchers and 10–12 live projects at any time, it’s almost certainly the largest dedicated service design studio globally.... [-]

United Kingdom London
September 2019
2 years