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MA Programs in Self-Improvement in Europe 2020

The MA degree is primarily for students who want to improve their general mathematics education or to teach.

Europe is the sixth largest continent and includes 47 countries and assorted dependencies, islands and territories. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Asia to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the West.

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University of Groningen

The MA in Religion, Health and Wellbeing offers a unique combination of clinical, empirical, conceptual, and historical approaches. We relate the latest research and theo ... [+]

What role does religion and spirituality play in our experience of health and wellbeing? How does the biomedical focus of current healthcare practice affect us?

This interdisciplinary degree program examines what it means to be ill or healthy in diverse, individualized and highly technological societies, from psychological, cultural, ethical, and political perspectives. Not only does religious, cultural, political, physical, and technological diversity influence how we try to recover or maintain our health, it also influences what we think 'health' is in the first place.

This track within the Master's Programme in Theology and Religious Studies has two specializations: 'Spiritual Care [Geestelijke Verzorging]' and 'Ethics and Diversity'.... [-]

Netherlands Groningen
September 2020
12 months