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Public Relations - PR

Obtaining a Master of Arts in Public Relations is a great option for students who currently hold a bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, or a similar field. Students who successfully complete one of these programs are prepared to take on a wide variety of positions within the constantly evolving communications industry.

Just what is an MA in Public Relations? This professional program prepares students for employment in a broad range of PR and advanced leadership roles within the communications and advertising sectors. Topics of study in a Public Relations MA program include crisis management and print, online, and broadcast journalism, in addition to a review of industry fundamentals such as writing, research, and general communications tools. These MA programs also emphasize key principles that relate to PR and advertising, including strategy, critical thinking, client management, and ethics.

Students who successfully obtain an MA in Public Relations are prepared for work in a broad variety of high-paying positions within the advertising, marketing, communications, and government sectors. Not only does an advanced degree give graduates a leg up on the job search, but taking the necessary degree coursework can also help them forge critical industry relationships with other students and instructors that lead to increased internship, networking, and career opportunities.

The cost of obtaining a master’s degree varies from program to program based on a variety of factors, such as the length of the program and the geographic area in which it is taken.

Those who successfully complete a Public Relations MA program are prepared for work in a broad range of positions. They may go into public or private practice, or they may look for communications, PR director, or manager positions within an agency, nonprofit, or government setting.

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MA Public Relations

University of Westminster - Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design
Campus Full time 1 year United Kingdom London

This course is designed to produce the future leaders of the Public Relations Industry. You will not only learn the practical skills required to embark on a career in PR but also the research and analysis skills that will help you get ahead. [+]

MA Degrees in Public Relations - PR. This course is designed to produce the future leaders of the Public Relations Industry. You will not only learn the practical skills required to embark on a career in PR but also the research and analysis skills that will help you get ahead. You will create campaigns, pitch to clients, stage a press conference and create videos and blogs, as well as write research reports, essays and a dissertation. You will also explore issues affecting the industry, such as professional ethics and the impact of digital media. The course has close links to the London-based PR industry, and is one of a select few chosen by the professional body PRCA for its University partnership initiative. These connections with leading PR practitioners help you gain the practical knowledge and understanding you need to work in PR. Course content You will take five core and two optional modules. All teaching takes place in the first and second semesters - September to April. In the third semester you will complete your dissertation. Core modules PUBLIC RELATIONS AND THE MEDIA The module equips students with the professional practice skills to conduct media relations including writing press releases, conducting media interviews and preparing media events. It also looks at the increasing role of digital media including Twitter feeds, blogs and online newsrooms. PLANNING A PUBLIC RELATIONS CAMPAIGN This module gives you an opportunity to develop and enhance your campaign management skills. You will plan, design and present a creative public relations campaign and explore the relationship between PR agencies and their clients. UNDERSTANDING PUBLIC RELATIONS This module provides a critical evaluation of the public relations industry and the context in which it operates. You will look at the role of the practitioner and explore whether perceptions of the industry are valid. You will also consider the professional aspirations of PR, ethics and how the industry is changing in the context of digital media. CONTEMPORARY THEORY AND ISSUES IN PR This module explores a range of perspectives on PR. We look at the social, cultural and management approaches to PR, and examine the tension between these theoretical models and their practical application. DISSERTATION RESEARCH SKILLS This module provides guidance on how to plan and conduct a piece of independent research into the PR industry. You will learn how to apply the theories, research methods and scholarly practice learned in your other modules to produce an original 15,000 word dissertation. Associated careers This course is particularly relevant if you want to start, or to progress, a career in public relations or one that involves communications with either internal or external stakeholders. [-]

MA Marketing and Advertising: Communications & PR

Marbella International University Centre
Campus Full time 1 year February 2017 Spain Málaga

Develop effective marketing, brand, advertising and PR knowledge and enhance your future career in these fields. [+]

Develop effective marketing, brand, advertising and PR knowledge and enhance your future career in these fields. Duration: 1 year Language: English Programme Title: Marketing & Advertising: Communications & PR Degree Awarded: MA Communications The programme aims to create educated professionals who are able to think critically and know how to efficiently investigate, verify and market information, products and services and who are creative experts in the fields of Marketing, Advertising and Communications. Key Disciplines Covered: Communication Strategy Digital Marketing and Advertising Market Research Advertising on Internet Search Engines The main purpose of this MA programme is to provide its students with a meaningful, high quality and contemporary education based on the acquisition of theoretical knowledge that is applied to practical examples, giving students the chance to either enhance their current career or to take the next academic step in their studies after finalising a BA in order to increase their employability. These professionals will be able to adapt to an ever-changing market, identifying needs and providing tangible solutions through marketing, branding and advertising products and services. Career Opportunities Upon completion of the Marketing & Advertising MA, graduates will be skilled, creative, problem solving, decision-making professionals able to pursue careers in the following fields: PR & Communications Press Management Marketing Management Digital Marketing Product and Brand Management Campaign coordination Advertising Lecturer Entry Requirements Rolling Admission - We receive and process applications on an ongoing basis as they are sent in. Entry Requirements: 4 Year Bachelor Degree* or equivalent from a national or international accredited academic institution. Proof of English proficiency** of candidates who have not previously studied in an English speaking school or country. The tests and minimum scores we accept are: IELTS 7 TOEFL iBT 95 Cambridge Certificate C1 MIUC English Test - Pass Application Supporting Documents: Copy of Passport or ID Passport sized digital photograph Proof of English Proficiency (If you are not from an English speaking country or have not previously studied in English) Bachelor Certificate (Officially translated to English or Spanish) Bachelor Grade Transcripts (Officially translated to English or Spanish) Statement of Purpose (500 words on why you want to study at MIUC, your expectations and aspirations) *If you have not completed a four year bachelor degree you may be eligible to undertake the final year at MIUC to then enrol in the MA. Contact for more information. **Pre-sessional English courses are available to those who do not satisfy the English proficiency requirement. Testimonials "Hello my name is Adam, I am from Lebanon and I am studying Marketing at MIUC. I applied to many universities and I had many choices, but I had a friend here as well, and he told me how good the reputation of MIUC is, and I have been easily attracted, it is like involuntarily I fell in love with the school easily. As soon as I saw it on Facebook, I just wanted to come here and I saw the beauty of being at MIUC, because we might not have it all together, but together we have it all. I did not know that Marbella was a town, I thought it was a city, but when I came here I really enjoyed the place, it is full of historical places, and I have here some places here from my culture and I do not want to leave from here again. There is professionalism with professors, you feel they are flexible with you, and professors always want to push you towards that, that is why sometimes they need to push us more in exams, but they want us to be the best in the whole world. The facilities here have advanced technologies regarding the media labs and the IT, they have advanced products and advanced software, we can literally push it to the sky. One of the staff, his name is Igor told me “whatever you have, do not be afraid to bring it up, the sky is the limit” and here the sky is pretty high so do not be afraid of anything. Personal development, and skill development and academic development, it is all overall development; it is not just a lifestyle it is everything." Adam Rakha "Hello! My name is Alexander Dudek, I´m 19 years old, from Poland but I was born in the Netherlands and I´m studying BA Marketing and Advertising in MIUC. I researched English-speaking schools in Spain and I found this one; I really liked it, I was interviewed and I got in and I love it here. MIUC is one of a kind; every day, since day 1, I learn something new about other people and their culture. Located in one of the best cities in Spain, here in Marbella, MIUC is still a small institution, but it has got great potential for expanding. The professors here are amazing, they are experienced, and they apply their knowledge to real life examples and makes us students, especially me, understand everything more clearly. The atmosphere in the class is amazing. You feel the intimacy, there are few students, and you feel that you engage more with friends, classmates and professors. The professors actually see you not like in a huge school where there are 100 people in the classroom and professors only come to give lectures and you have to study it. Here, the professors want you to know more. Before I came here, to be honest, I didn’t have any desire to study, I wasn’t happy but here I feel happy and I want study more. Marbella in an amazing city, you can see the sun for 360 days a year, it’s just like a huge bomb of positivity, when you wake up and see the sun and it motivates you to do something outside, not only sit and study but also to experience the culture. Just like MIUC´s slogan of “Learn , Live and Explore” which is Learn in an excellent environment , Live in the best city of Spain and Explore what life gives you – be it football, be it art, be it meeting new people here outside, clubbing, partying whatever you want you can do it here, you can find it." Alexander Dudek [-]

MA in International Public Relations and Global Communications Management

Cardiff University
Campus Full time 1 year August 2017 United Kingdom Cardiff

Public relations is a booming industry - even in a recession as other promotional sectors contract, PR has continued to grow year-on-year. [+]

MA Degrees in Public Relations - PR. MA in International Public Relations and Global Communications Management Public relations is a booming industry - even in a recession as other promotional sectors contract, PR has continued to grow year-on-year. The numbers of Public Relations Officers (PROs) now match journalists in the UK and there is a big demand for graduates who have the skills to meet the dynamic changes of this exciting and growing sector. Public relations specialisms are expanding too, and graduates are gaining jobs in a number of areas including crisis management, corporate social responsibility, media relations, corporate communication, sponsorship and internal comms. Public relations, at its heart, is about communication between an organisation and its public(s), but 21st Century public relations - with the advent of new media - is embedded in everything from politics and business to celebrity. Gone are the days when PR was an afterthought - it is now firmly at the heart of strategic organisational planning. The MA at Cardiff is a unique one year course that develops students who have the skills and techniques required to practice public relations at an international level. Aside from gaining valuable practical skills, students are introduced to business, organisational and PR theory so that they can apply critical thinking to professional scenarios to further the effectiveness and quality of public relations that is practiced in industry. This synthesis of theory and practice culminates in a final dissertation of 15,000 to 20,000 words where students have the opportunity to apply what they have learnt to an area of personal PR interest. This piece of advanced academic study would enable students to embark on further research in the field of international public relations they so wish. The Course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, and Cardiff is one of ten institutions that work in partnership with the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA). PRINCIPAL AIMS OF THE COURSE The overall aim of the course is to help students develop international public relations industry experience through study and work placement opportunities,and also for them to explore the profound implications of this new communication era for the media, business, governments, pressure groups, consumers and other public institutions. Our aims are to: Explore the dynamic rise and development of public relations and highlight its inextricable link with international marketing, global media power and new technology; Provide relevant practical experience and develop PR skills and techniques so that students are able to operate effectively at an international level; Teach students the key theories of public relations so that they can critically explore some of the implications for the industry and practice public relations at a strategic level; Equip students with the research skills necessary to carry out the media and business research that is essential for improving the professional accountability and effectiveness of the professions; Enhance students’ confidence, professional skills, employability credentials and knowledge base; Increase ability to undertake rigorous analytical work, ensuring students are capable of producing well-researched essays, assignments and dissertations to deadline - which is essential for future study. WHO SHOULD APPLY? This course is designed for anyone that wants to enter the industry with an advanced academic understanding of the profession and the skills and techniques required to practice, for example: Experienced public relations practitioners looking to reflect on their career to date and develop new ways of looking at communication issues on a global scale; Would-be public relations practitioners interested in understanding more about the world of international public relations; Graduates looking to deepen their understanding of public relations in the practical, social, political and business sense; Students looking to undertake PhD study in the field of international public relations. Students should apply for their course using the Online Application Service. [-]

MA Media and Public Relations

Brunel University: College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 2 years September 2017 United Kingdom Uxbridge + 1 more

This course examines the role of public relations in shaping media output both within media organisations themselves and in relation to the external impact of PR on the media. [+]

About the Course This course examines the role of public relations in shaping media output both within media organisations themselves and in relation to the external impact of PR on the media. The field of public relations has grown dramatically in the past 20 years and this has had profound implications for the media and other institutions that rely on the media to disseminate knowledge. This course will investigate the rise of public relations and its links with global media institutions from historical perspectives and in relation to the contemporary media landscape. It will offer a critical examination of the role of PR in the mediation of power as well as the role of public relations in a range of media arenas. You will be encouraged to reflect critically and theoretically on the function of PR in relation to: the role of the media in political communication, media policy, celebrity culture, film marketing, alternative media, media campaigning, and new media technologies. You will be offered the opportunity to plan PR campaigns and reflect on their role in the knowledge economy. This combination will provide you with the opportunity to examine the context in which PR practice takes place and to develop the knowledge and skills needed to work ethically in PR at an international level. Aims You will gain an advanced knowledge of the relevant theories of public relations which explain and debate its significance. You will learn about the history of the role of public relations in the media. You will acquire an advanced understanding of the functioning of public relations in the contemporary media. You will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake advanced scholarly research in the field of media and public relations. You will be able to reflect critically on public relations practices within media organisations and to reflect intellectually on their PR practice. You will develop the knowledge and skills necessary for the ethical development of your career in Media PR. Special Features The academic study of public relations and the media is very new and this MA puts us at the forefront of this development. Most of the MAs in Britain either focus on corporate public relations and are either predominantly practical or are theoretical courses that sit within more traditional mass communications curriculum and focus on the important area of political communications and the news media. Our MA is innovative because it combines theory and practice. Also innovative is our combined examination of the impact of public relations on the media and the use of public relations practices within media organisations including film, TV and other news organisations, with particular reference to their promotional cultures. This provides students with a broad and advanced understanding of the relationship between public relations and the media. We have experts teaching on the course with both theoretical and practical experience. This programme has grown out of the research interests and expertise of the team, giving it a distinctive character. The focus on PR within the media will range from that of large corporations to smaller-scale, alternative forms including ‘DIY’ practices employed directly by lower-budget producers via social media and other online channels, key areas of contemporary development in PR and marketing more generally. Teaching and Assessment Teaching The Media and Public Relations MA is taught through lectures, seminars, workshops, screenings and industry speakers. Assessment The MA will be assessed through a combination of essays, reports, case studies, campaign design and a dissertation. Careers Recent graduates have been employed as: Communications Officers for NGOs Events Officers Self-employed PR consultants [-]

MA in Public Affairs

University of Ghana
Campus Full time 2 years September 2017 Ghana Accra

Course work will be completed during two long vacation periods. Each of the two year course work will last for six weeks, making it a total of 12 weeks, while two weeks (one week each) will be spent on revision and [+]

MA Degrees in Public Relations - PR.


Course work will be completed during two long vacation periods. Each of the two year course work will last for six weeks, making it a total of 12 weeks, while two weeks (one week each) will be spent on revision and examinations, making a total of four weeks. Students will be expected to complete and submit their Special Topics by October of the second year of the programme.

Entry Requirements

i) A good first degree in the social sciences from a recognized University.

ii) A minimum of three years working experience in the private or public sector.

iii) A pass in an entrance examination and an interview.... [-]

Master of Arts - Lobbying & Public Affairs

Sup de Pub
Campus Full time September 2017 United Kingdom London

London is the European capital where most of the major lobbying consultancies are located. This specialisation offers the opportunity to appreciate in greater depth the universe of PR [+]

Master of Arts - Lobbying & Public Affairs

London is the European capital where most of the major lobbying consultancies are located. This specialisation offers the opportunity to appreciate in greater depth the universe of PR and political communications.

An excellent level of both spoken and written English is required.


Mentor of the Lobbying & Public Affairs Program

Jo Lynn is an experienced Public Relations Consultant and Trainer. She began her career in Fleet Street before working for some of the best PR agencies in the world: Burson Marsteller, Good Relations and Lynne Franks. She alos headed Splash Press Agency for 12 years until she created her own PR agency: Jo Lynn Consultancy.... [-]

MA Public Relations and Corporate Communications

Kingston University London
Campus Full time 1 year September 2017 United Kingdom Kingston

Our Public Relations and Corporate Communications MA is designed for people who want to build their careers in internal communications or public relations (PR) and enhance their understanding of corporate social responsibility (CSR). [+]

MA Degrees in Public Relations - PR. Choose Kingston's Public Relations and Corporate Communications MA Our Public Relations and Corporate Communications MA is designed for people who want to build their careers in internal communications or public relations (PR) and enhance their understanding of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) – students on the course can apply for student membership. No exams – you will be assessed on your coursework and use it to build a portfolio you will be proud to show recruiters. Internship opportunity at The Fifth Business. Add study at the prestigious Boston University to your programme and gain a dual masters degree. Kingston Business School is one of only a few of the 120 UK business schools to be awarded an 'excellent' rating for its teaching quality by the Higher Education Funding Council. Graduates from this course typically go on to work in senior internal communications, public relations and corporate social responsibility roles. Kingston upon Thames has been rated London's happiest borough and has the lowest crime rate in London, as well as fast transport links to the city centre. Kingston Business School has joined an elite group of global institutions to be awarded the prestigious international accreditation by the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). A hallmark of excellence in business education, the accreditation has been earned by just 5 per cent of the world's business schools. What will you study? This course is highly practical and involves the kind of hands-on learning that encourages flexible thought. It has a strong basis in business and marketing, rather than journalism, so it prepares you to excel in challenging or commercial environments. Whether you need to send a consistent message to multiple departments in government, or to a company's numerous external stakeholders, you will graduate with the ability to see the bigger picture and adapt your communications technique. You will learn to: identify and understand different stakeholder groups, understand value and competitive advantage, and pitch effectively in front of leading market agency professionals; and adapt communication styles to ensure an organisation's message is understood by people with different educational levels, and across an international spectrum. Dissertation You will learn to select appropriate research methods and undertake theoretically-grounded research project which generates findings that inform management decisions. Through it you will learn to apply your research skills and gain experience managing a large-scale research project. These advanced research skills will prepare you for a highly adaptable career in marketing, and differentiate you as a future business leader. You will research a specific area of marketing in depth. Once you have identified a topical issue or problem, you will write a research proposal and dissertation that combine academic rigour with practical marketing implications. You will communicate your findings as you would do in the workplace – by writing a management report. Assessment Coursework. Course structure The Public Relations and Corporate Communications MA is made up of six modules worth a total of 180 credits. This is an indicative list of modules and is not intended to be definitive. Available modules Marketing Communications and Advertising Cross Cultural and Internal Management Communications Managing Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Public Relations Market Research and Data Analysis Research Proposal and Dissertation Learn a language You will have the opportunity to study a foreign language, free of charge, during your time at the University as part of the Kingston Language Scheme. Options currently include: Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. [-]

MA Public Relations and Strategic Communication

Leeds Beckett University
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 2  September 2017 United Kingdom Leeds + 1 more

Learn to engage with a global audience through social media, viral marketing and creative writing at Europe’s largest PR teaching department. [+]

Gain the skills to operate within a global economy and plan strategic PR campaigns, using social media and viral marketing promotions.As we have moved deeper into the global, digital age, our methods of communication have grown both at home and in our working lives. Through the use of the internet, mobile technology and social media, information is quite literally available at our fingertips and word of mouth is spreading faster than ever before. This trend is leading to a greater demand for communications professionals in business.Whether you're an aspiring PR professional or you already have experience in the sector our course provides a comprehensive education in public relations and strategic communications.You will develop your writing and presentation skills to help you engage with audiences across the world.Your employability is at the heart of everything we do. That's why we pair you up with a mentor - a PR expert with a minimum of five years' experience in the communication industry - who will offer valuable advice on professional pursuits, employment and career issues.You will also have the option to take a Communications Audit module, where you will work on a group project for a real client, and to further enhance your employability, you can opt to take a work placement in your second semester. Requirements:Applicants should either have at least a second class honours degree or have equivalent experience or training, normally from within the work environment. Applicants who do not have English as their first language are required to have IELTS 6.5 with no skill below 5.5 or an equivalent award. English Language Requirement: IELTS 6.5 with no skills below 5.5, or an equivalent qualification. The University provides excellent support for any applicant who may be required to undertake additional English language courses. Mature Applicants Our University welcomes applications from mature applicants who demonstrate academic potential. We usually require some evidence of recent academic study, for example completion of an access course, however recent relevant work experience may also be considered. Please note that for some of our professional courses all applicants will need to meet the specified entry criteria and in these cases work experience cannot be considered in lieu. If you wish to apply through this route you should refer to our University Recognition of Prior Learning policy that is available on our website. Please note that all applicants to our University are required to meet our standard English language requirement of GCSE grade C or equivalent, variations to this will be listed on the individual course entry requirements. Benefits This course forms part of our Leeds Business School which has been at the forefront of public relations education, both nationally and internationally, since 1990. We are a centre for excellence for public relations and communications teaching in the UK and Europe and our academics have substantial professional experience in the subject. The late Alan Rawel, who was Head of Education at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), described us as 'one of the leading university PR departments in Europe'. The bestselling textbook 'Exploring Public Relations' is edited by our very own Prof Ralph Tench and Liz Yeomans, with chapters written by members of our subject group. It is now in its second edition and has been adopted as a standard text by many universities all over the world as well as by the CIPR professional courses.Our strong relationships with employers and professionals give you the opportunity to do a placement with PR consultancies and in-house PR departments. A study abroad option enables you to undertake part of your studies at a partner university in Europe. These opportunities will help you build a strong CV for a career in PR and corporate communication.What's more, you will also receive a free student membership of the CIPR and will have access to PR Week magazine. Studying part-time gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Because of this, our tuition fees are calculated using credit points. Each module you study has a credit point value. Most taught postgraduate modules have a credit point value of 20.The tuition fee for students entering in in 2015/16 on this course is £660 for each 20 credit point module.For modules with a different credit point value their cost can be calculated by multiplying the credit value of the module by the cost per credit point of £33. The amount you will pay may increase each year in line with inflation. [-]