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Masters degrees, commonly known as MA, are postgraduate degrees lasting at least one year and sometimes two years, they are taught degrees normally requiring some actual research. MA is the most common name for a Masters degree and is often used.

Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a transcontinental country, located mostly on Anatolia in Western Asia and on East Thrace in Southeastern Europe. Many Turkish universities (both public and private) are participating in pan-European student exchange programs (Socrates, Erasmus, and the like). Some also have agreements with non-European universities, too.

Gaziantep is the city with a long history because it’s one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on the Earth, dating from 3650 BC. There are two public and a private university.

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Master in International Relations

Zirve University
Campus Full time 4 semesters September 2018 Turkey Gaziantep

The International Relations postgraduate program is designed to provide students advanced knowledge in international political, social, economic, cultural, and environmental issues. [+]

Master of Art Degrees 2017/2018 in Gaziantep Turkey. Zirve University International Relations Department offers an M.A. degree for students who are interested in studying international relations at an advanced level. Our interdisciplinary program focus on the study of the changing relations among international actors, including their political, economic, and cultural interactions. The Department’s emphasis on providing adequate skills for academic work and its concern with the development of in-depth knowledge of the issues in international relations are reflected at the program with a series of advanced courses. Courses are designed as seminars in which student participation is essential. Our academic staff includes experts internationally renowned in their field, and the Department has many associates and friends in organizations in Europe and beyond. Students who choose the Department of International Relations will find themselves enjoying teaching in small classes with ample opportunity to interact with other students and with staff, and to develop a range of academic and personal skills. They can partake in the Department’s lively research agenda of seminars, colloquia and student-led presentations. The Department is committed to the internationalization of its postgraduate curriculum, and plans student exchange opportunities with our partner institutions globally. Above all, the Department seeks to make postgraduate study in International Relations at Zirve University an intellectually stimulating and rewarding experience. Our aim is to share with you our enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity about the politics of the world in which we live. Program Goals The International Relations postgraduate program is designed to provide students... [-]