M.A. in Political Science in Estonia

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Political Science

Political science provides individuals with an understanding of the executive, legislative, and judicial processes that are used to govern a country or society. Their impact on the economic and social structure is also examined. 

Estonia is among other things known for its forests (they make up almost half of the territory) and for being the only country in Europe with almost total 4G network coverage. Estonia provides high-level and internationally recognized education, and many universities in the country offer degree programs in English.

Top Master of Art Programs in Political Science in Estonia 2019

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Master in Democracy and Governance

University of Tartu
Campus Full time 2 years September 2019 Estonia Tartu

The programme integrates empirical and theoretical understanding of democracy and governance, the two essential parameters of political development in the contemporary world. [+]

Is democracy conquering the world as the single most accepted model for political and social development? Is democracy being overwhelmed by globalization, popular discontent with politics and renewed authoritarian tendencies? How can democratic political leaders govern and retain legitimacy in the world today?

These are the most important challenges to tackle as a professional in this field. The MA programme in Democracy and Governance offers you the knowledge and skills to be a part of this search for solutions.

The MA programme integrates an empirical and theoretical understanding of democracy and governance. Understanding them is the key to building a successful career in modern government, civil society, politics and international organisations.... [-]