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Many students take their education to the next level by earning a master’s degree. Depending on the major, students may take one or more years to complete the degree. Programs may require a written thesis or oral presentation before participants can graduate.

What is an MA in Political History? Students who pursue this degree can learn how political institutions throughout history have affected societies and their ability to achieve wealth, build security, and provide citizens with freedom and justice. Classes can cover how different political structures support a country’s economic, social justice and legal systems. Other fields of study can include trade agreements, international relations, migration, globalization, and cultural encounters.

Graduates can apply advanced comparative research skills and long-term analysis methods throughout their careers. They may also learn to combine data points to form theories, plus skills for making persuasive arguments in support of conclusions reached through their research.

The length of the degree program, school location, the types of content offered, and whether classes are taken on-campus or remotely can impact the tuition and fees to complete an advanced degree. Costs may also vary when degrees are earned on a part-time basis.

Many graduates look for careers as politicians, elected officials or legislative aides, or may take positions as policy analysts, political analysts, military analysts or senior research scientists for public governmental agencies. Others who enjoy writing may find work as a journalist or political magazine editor. Learners may also choose rewarding careers working as policy directors or executive directors for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or public-private partnerships, or as political consultants to public or private organizations.

Many degrees can be earned online, while others are offered in-person or as a combination of classroom work and distance learning. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Master in History of Politics and Society

Utrecht University
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 2 years September 2018 Netherlands Utrecht + 1 more

During the Master’s programme History of Politics and Society, you will acquire the knowledge and tools to thoughtfully interpret the past in order to benefit the present. [+]

Use historical insights to solve present-day issues

Have you wondered how some societies manage to achieve wealth, security, justice, and freedom – and eventual happiness – while others do not? What role do citizenship, democracy, and the organisation of the market players in this process? Why do you think it is so difficult to avoid negative effects such as social polarisation and environmental damage?

History and origins of institutions

These are the core questions addressed in our Master’s programme in History of Politics and Society. The central theme is the concept of ‘institutions’, in the broadest sense of the word: the formal and informal rules, customs, and organisational structures that make up a society but are themselves the result of a historical development process. As such, this programme is closely related to Institutions, one of Utrecht University’s strategic international research themes. In this programme, you will study the history and origins of institutions over the past 1,000 years. The emphasis is mainly on Europe in the modern age but emphatically placed within a broader perspective, as the programme also pays attention to other eras and other parts of the world. You will combine your historical knowledge and academic skills with concepts from the social sciences. You will learn how to use comparative research methods and methods for long-term analysis. You will develop the tools to contribute, as a historian, to the solution of contemporary problems.... [-]