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After approximately two years of specialized coursework in a chosen field, students are awarded an MA, or master’s degree. This is often obtained after completing an undergraduate program in the same or similar field of study.

What is an MA in Management in Poland? The degree program gives the student a broad and in-depth instruction in management. Students usually begin by taking classes in accounting, finance, human resource, operations management, and other courses, and may choose an area of specialization. Those who have worked for a certain number of years in a company may choose another track that is geared toward professionals and deals with topics such as employee motivation, workplace security, business law and ethics, and international business principles.

The advantage of an MA in Management is that it solidifies the business, financial, and management knowledge and allows graduates to become adept at dealing with management theory and practical business situations.

Not all programs are the same, and such factors as the school’s location, available online coursework, the popularity of the program, among others, affect the cost of each program. Students may apply for financial aid such as scholarships and grants or engage in work study. A number of students pursue careers while working toward the degree on a part-time basis.

Those who complete an MA in Management can enter the world of work at a higher level with a generous salary in a management position. Almost all medium and large-sized companies require qualified management, and this degree gives graduates a definite advantage in the corporate world. Graduates may also become entrepreneurs and start their own companies or work at a consulting firm and serve as advisors to corporations.

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Gdansk University Of Technology (Politechnika Gdańska)

specialization: International Management specialization: Small Business Economics & Management (SBE&M) ... [+]

Degree to be obtained

Master of Arts


2 years



ECTS points


Program description The objective of this new Master's programme in International Management is to develop future professionals capable of developing resourceful and innovative skills, and able to pursue successful opportunities in the dynamic international environment. This Master's in International Management offers an opportunity to expand your experience by deepening your knowledge in finance, human resources, operations and marketing among other strategic areas, all presented in an international context. The international management knowledge and skills are advanced through academically rigorous courses and various interactive teaching methods. Small Business Economics and Management is a new curriculum offered to students of our department, to international students participating in the Erasmus Programme and to other students from non-EU countries. One of the distinctive features of this programme is its international character. All lectures are held in English. Learning in such a cross-cultural group is a great advantage. It allows students to make contacts beneficial for their future careers. It also enables them to gain practical knowledge of how to manage a small firm in a turbulent environment. Special emphasis is placed on the economics and management of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating within EU structures. Entry Requirements ... [-]
Poland Gdańsk
September 2019
4 semesters
WSPiA Interdisciplinary Centre for Business Studies

This Master’s degree program is offered in partnership with the Citadel School of Business (USA). ... [+]

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You are reading about a Master’s degree program of an unusual character. In the XXI century, many educational institutions have realized that reliance on the XIX century patterns of teaching and learning is a dead end. They have figured out that in the world of rapid technological growth, changing geopolitical realities (a two-superpower world transforming into a one-superpower international system which in turn is sliding into a multiple-power system with many regional powers), and yet-to-fathom demographic shifts, apart from skills and competencies one should learn how to adapt, use one’s imagination and creativity, appreciate diversity and choose optimal courses of action.... [-]

Poland Warsaw
April 2019
2 years