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Students who complete their undergraduate work but desire further education in their chosen field often decide to pursue a Master of Arts degree. Completion of an MA program gives scholars greater insight and a deeper understanding of their discipline.

What is an MA in Leisure Studies? While the name may imply a coursework in relaxation, students who go through this program can develop the skills necessary to lead tourism and cultural businesses and associations for destinations across the world. As the world becomes smaller and travel between countries becomes easier and more affordable, demand grows for experienced professionals who can lead teams that deliver great experiences to visitors and tourists.

Program participants can build excellent business management skills that allow them to lead large teams of skilled professionals effectively. They also may develop strong analytical techniques that assist with event planning and program management. The degree also encourages competent communication abilities.

Most students can achieve their MA in Leisure Studies in one to two years, though this depends on whether they are attending full- or part-time. The cost to attend can vary. Reasons for variation depend on whether the school is public or private. Students should compare schools to find the most appropriate.

Graduates can pursue a number of careers. Those who enjoy being outdoors could consider becoming a park ranger or park recreation manager. They can also apply their skills as an amusement park planner or manager. Some careers can be both demanding and rewarding, such as an activities director at a resort or hotel. Students who want to see the world can apply for positions as activity directors or managers aboard cruise ships. Becoming a coach or fitness club manager is an entirely different route for graduates. 

Careful research can reveal the best MA in Leisure Studies programs at universities and colleges around the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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University of Southern Denmark

As an MA in Business, Language and Culture, you will be able to independently address projects and analytical tasks within international tourism and leisure... ... [+]

Master of International Tourism and Leisure Management (MA)

Do you want to become an expert on international tourism and leisure management with an understanding of both cultural and financial aspects? Do you want an education which allows you to put theory into practice - abroad? Do you want to study in an international environment and meet students from other countries?Then the Graduate programme in International Tourism and Leisure Management is right for you!

Language and economy

The education is a combined programme which comprises 50 % social science/economy subjects and 50 % linguistic and cultural subjects. The language of instruction is English.The subjects have been created in collaboration with an expert panel, allowing you to obtain relevant qualifications for employment in the tourism sector.... [-]

Denmark Esbjerg
September 2019
2 years