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Masters degrees, commonly known as MA, are postgraduate degrees lasting at least one year and sometimes two years, they are taught degrees normally requiring some actual research. MA is the most common name for a Masters degree and is often used.

A degree in journalism will give you the trades and self-esteem to start your profession as a journalist. A great journalist not solely has specialized and professional skills, but also mental width and curiosity about the world.

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University of Neuchatel, Faculty of Economics and Business

Future journalists and media executives will have to understand, control and anticipate the very rapid developments in the sector. The program is fundamentally interdisci ... [+]

Objectives Future journalists, regardless of their future level of responsibility, must understand, control and anticipate very rapid developments in the sector. The Academy of Journalism and Media (AJM) combines high-level theoretical and practical training in journalism with its master's degree in the study of the economic, technological and media context.

An unprecedented partnership with the media Unique in Switzerland, this university education is characterized by the integration of a professionalising dimension in an ambitious academic context. It is designed in partnership with the University of Geneva (8 courses common to journalism and media training) and the Journalism and Media Training Center (CFJM), which represents media companies in French-speaking Switzerland. Through the periods of internship in company (mandatory and remunerated at least Fr. 250.- / week), editorial workshops and courses given by recognized professionals ( ajm / intervenants_1), students are regularly in contact with the world of information media.... [-]

Switzerland Neuchâtel
September 2019
4 - 6 
European College for Liberal Studies

MA - Master of Arts in Communication Studies (60 credits) ... [+]

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Graduate courses are divided into core courses and specialization courses. Electives can be chosen from any of the scheduled courses offered at the graduate level. Specialization courses are scheduled based on enrollments and may not be available at all campuses. Specialization courses scheduled are available to all students also as electives. Refer to the program schedule for further details. Refer to the course overview for the list of available courses. Students are recommended to complete courses and earn credits at the highest level possible.... [-]

Switzerland Zürich
September 2019
9 - 12 months
The International University in Geneva

The Master of Arts in Digital Media and Communication (MA-DM) is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in communications. The MA-DM provides a comprehensiv ... [+]

KEY BENEFITS OF THE MASTER OF ARTS IN DIGITAL MEDIA An overview of the dominant theories of media and communications; Practical skills in managing communications in organizations and companies; Insight into the latest developments in media tools and related-business areas; Exposure to how global organizations communicate strategically and evaluate their initiatives; Switzerland is a dynamic and multicultural learning environment. PROFILE

The Master of Arts in Digital Media (MA-DM) is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in communications. The MA-DM provides a comprehensive introduction to today’s issues and challenges in media and communications: what is the role of the communications manager? How is new media re-shaping the media landscape? How can organizations and individuals communicate effectively in a global and multicultural environment?... [-]

Switzerland Geneva
February 2020
1 year