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Compare 3 Master of Art Degrees in Hospitality Management

Whether you have just completed your undergraduate work or have already begun your career, you may wish to pursue further educational goals. You can usually complete a master’s degree in one to two years, which can provide you with comprehensive studies and give you the knowledge you need to rise to a higher level in your field.

What is an MA in Hospitality Management, you might ask? This degree prepares you for positions in the hospitality and tourism industry that require better analytical, organizational and management skills. For example, you can learn about hotel and resort operations while studying financial planning, human resources, marketing and business development. The coursework may also help you build your skills with problem-solving and project management.

Many of the general competencies you might learn as you study hospitality management can help you in many aspects of your life. In terms of your chosen field, however, having a master’s degree often leads to positions of more responsibility along with better salaries.

There are universities all over the word that offer master’s degrees in hospitality management. However, the cost varies from school to school and from country to country. You can contact the admissions office of any school that interests you to find out about their fees.

Once you obtain your master’s degree, you might find that a new level of career opportunities are open to you. Examples include jobs in hotels, on cruise ships and with companies that organize and manage tours. You might become a hotel manager, a cruise director or even open your own business as a consultant. In the hospitality industry, positions are available all over the world in areas where you would most like to work.

You can earn your master’s degree online as well as in a traditional classroom. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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3 Results in Hospitality Management

University of Tartu

The program combines management and design of spa products, medical and leisure treatments and well-being. ... [+]

Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management is a unique 2-year Master’s program that aims to provide students with the necessary theoretical knowledge, professional skills and practical tools required for working in wellness, spa or other related organizations at the management level. The program combines management and design of spa products, medical and leisure treatments, well-being, fitness, and health-related services. It is the only similar Master’s program in the whole Europe.

What kind of skills and competence will students acquire? Hospitality and quality management; Creative and innovative entrepreneurship; Sustainable development; Strategic, financial and operational management; Service design and development; Management and marketing for wellness and spas; Understanding of the basics of spa treatments; Wellness philosophy; Project management and research. ... [-]
Estonia Tartu
August 2019
2 years
New European College

Hospitality professionals must possess a certain element of natural charm and a mind for figures in order to be successful. ... [+]

The Master of Arts (MA) in International Management is a 4-semester program designed to build upon your existing undergraduate studies enabling you to pursue a broader range of careers in business. Consisting of courses in finance, international marketing, management accounting, operations, ethics, organizational behavior and human resources, the program prepares you to excel in an ever-evolving and international workplace.

All courses are taught in English, with a range of teaching methodologies which are reminiscent of undergraduate teachings such as presentations and group projects coupled with real-world examples and case studies. The program provides a scope for greater specialization, with a precise academic and theoretical framework designed to help you become an expert in international management. This allows you to apply to more specialized roles and offers better preparation for a Ph.D. program in the future.... [-]

Germany Munich
February 2020
4 semesters
IUBH University of Applied Sciences

The Master degree focusing on Hospitality Management prepares you to confidently take on responsible positions in the field of Hotel and Service Management. During this c ... [+]

Hospitality Management (M.A.) ‒ future tourism & hospitality

Hotel planning, human resources management, restaurant and room management – you have already become acquainted with the main tasks of hospitality management during your previous study or on the job.

In senior management in the hotel sector, however, the strategic orientation of the company is also in your hands.

The Master degree focusing on Hospitality Management prepares you to confidently take on responsible positions in the field of Hotel and Service Management. During this course of studies you develop the competencies you require as a top executive in a sector that is truly international.

Facts & Figures *starting autumn 2018 **only at campus Dublin Multi-Campus One study programme, three cities, countless experiences In selected master programmes IUBH offers you the chance to switch during your studies between the German and Irish campus locations Dublin, Berlin and Bad Honnef. Your advantages Gain priceless experiences abroad Expand your network with international contacts No additional fees A switch is possible every semester (at the end of each semester) Requirements You are a full-time student Your study programme is offered at your preferred campus location What are the professional prospects in Hospitality Management? ... [-]
Germany Bad Honnef Berlin
October 2019
2 - 4 semesters