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Masters degrees are more versatile than doctoral qualifications and have a broad range of professional and academic applications. According to the U.S. Department of Education, three types of masters programs exist research, professional, and terminal. The most popular masters degree types are Master of Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) in a mixture of subject fields.

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Sapienza University of Rome

Master's Degree in Architecture-Conservation is a 2-years programme taught entirely in English at Sapienza University of Rome. It is equivalent to the Italian title "Laur ... [+]

The Masters Program in Architecture (Conservation), which focuses mainly on Italian architectural heritage, aims to train students to consolidate and preserve existing architectural and environmental heritage and develop high-quality projects that take into account the relation between new projects, the environment, and the historical aspects.

The program brings together a range of different disciplines, including humanities and technical-scientific subjects, to prepare students to work as architects with specific competencies in building processes and the conservation of existing structures. In particular, the two-year program will delve deeper into the main competences acquired with the Bachelors Degree and will address:... [-]

Italy Rome
October 2019
2 years