Masters of Arts in Global Marketing

A Master of Arts, or MA, is a highly popular choice among students seeking postgraduate degrees. This course of study is designed to expand upon a traditional four-year college education by going above and beyond an existing knowledge base. There are many different fields that an MA can be received in, such as global marketing.

What is an MA in Global Marketing? It is a degree that is meant to help students learn more about how to effectively market a product or business in an increasingly global economy. Students will learn communications and advertising techniques that can help improve sales and public image for multinational organizations. Courses in these programs might include subjects such as cross-cultural communication, consumer behavior, brand management, advertising, market positioning, product development, accounting, and global economics. Programs may also offer the opportunity to complete a dissertation or research project.

A Master of Arts in Global Marketing offers many advantages, such as the improvement of communication and critical thinking skills. In addition, this course of study can bestow valuable information that will prove useful in a future career. An MA degree might even be what allows students to find a career in the first place—students with a Master in Global Marketing may find it easier to gain employment in an increasingly competitive global job market.

The price of a Masters in Global Marketing can vary depending on factors such as the structure of an individual program or where the school is located. Students should research the institutions they are interested in to determine whether they are financially compatible.

A master’s degree in global marketing can lead to a number of different rewarding careers. Graduates can find themselves working for multinational corporations, non-profits, or other organizations with a global presence. As marketing managers, consultants, or analysts, graduates will be able to find work that complements their studies.

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Master in Global Sales and Marketing

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
01 Oct 2020
4 semesters

Are you interested in the cross-cultural challenges created by the globalisation of the world economy? Are you interested in working in the export sector or would you even lik ...

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