MAs in Equine Studies

Earning a Master of Arts (MA) can lead to higher pay and job security. This degree offers a wide range of courses and prepares students for diverse career opportunities. The coursework focuses on academic, scholastic, and critical study within the desired field.

What is an MA in Equine Studies? Students majoring in equine studies learn how to meet the needs of horses, recognizing that they are intelligent, sensitive animals that need proper and regular care. Courses provide instruction on how to breed horses and care for health concerns, such as arthritis. Students may also learn how to teach dressage, the method of training a horse in a way that develops obedience along with flexible and precise movements. Additionally, students majoring in this field will likely learn about running businesses related to horses, including stables, stud farms, and riding schools.

Graduates with an MA in Equine Studies often gain a strong work ethic. The program helps students understand the need to be hands-on with the feeding, training, breeding, and health care of horses.

The cost of obtaining an MA degree can vary from one institution to another, depending on the location and length of the course. Prospective students should do thorough research to find out all costs of their desired program.

There are many careers available worldwide in the equine field, providing graduates with flexible options in location and job responsibilities. Agritourism, entertainment contracting, farm and ranch management, horse sales and horse racing are all possible career paths open to graduates with an MA in Equine Studies. There are also opportunities for careers in equine equipment, sales and transportation.

A successful career in the equine field requires dedication and skill, but an MA in Equine Studies can open up many opportunities for varied and rewarding careers. To get started with a course, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.




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MA in Equine Business Management

Hartpury College, University of West England

Through a combination of core pure business modules developed by the well-respected Bristol Business School and equine business specific modules, these programmes

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