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Environmental Studies

Programs with the title "Master of Arts" traditionally consist of liberal arts subjects such as philosophy, history, or literature. Masters of Arts are postgraduate programs that can be taken after an earned degree in an undergraduate degree program (Bachelor). Masters of Arts programs have the title "M.A.","Master of Arts" or "MA".

A student completing an environmental studies program is prepared to work in a variety of fields focusing on solving problems with the environment. These areas include law, education, research, engineering, management and government. A graduate may work as a lobbyist, naturalist, park ranger or environmental engineer.

Germany is a great destination for international scholarsand has a high quality higher education system. The value of this level of education has been improved by the Germany's strong economy. Foreign students enjoy excellent living standards in a secure and safe surroundings. Berlin is the capital.

Top Master of Art Programs in Environmental Studies in Germany 2019

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Master of Arts in Social and Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology

Goethe University Frankfurt
Campus Full time 4 semesters October 2019 Germany Frankfurt

The Master’s programme imparts profound knowledge of Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology and offers specialist knowledge in focus areas within this subject. [+]

The research focus at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Frankfurt is the comparative empirical study of non-European societies by documenting and analysing cultural commonalities and differences between different societies. Research and the teaching curriculum thus concentrate on the study and analysis of socio-cultural phenomena at the local level as well as in a comparative global context.

The M.A. programme trains students in the reflexive application of key theories and concepts in the cultural analysis that are central to the critical interpretation of the diversity of socio-cultural institutions and practices.

The M.A. in social and cultural anthropology is a 4-semester-long degree programme that is designed to follow a B.A. in anthropology or a related discipline. The focus to teach students to critically engage with the discipline’s state of the art as well as the scholarly debates that have been formative to it and to develop further research questions from such engagements. Further, students are taught to conceptualise and execute their own research projects in which they investigate independently developed research questions. Finally, students learn to reflect on their research results in the context of scholarly debates and draw relevant conclusions.... [-]