Masters of Arts in Econometrics

To advance your education to a higher level, consider taking a master’s program after earning your undergraduate degree. With an increased focus on getting a career upon graduation and an advanced level of education, it can be an excellent opportunity for the committed.

What is an MA in Econometrics? Think of it as the junction between traditional economics and the more mathematical and statistical-centered studies. The courses in this field deal primarily with the creation and analysis of economic statistics that are gathered, with the purpose of gaining an edge in business or to regulate the economy. There are applications in micro and macroeconomics, and work can be found throughout the corporate world, from the individual businesses to the policy makers themselves.

Those who are passionate about mathematics or statistics can use econometrics as a gateway to the world of business, which is usually a very restricted area. Students also benefit from a development of critical thinking and management skills.

Like any master’s program, the cost varies with the school where you choose to study. The country of study can also make a big difference in tuition. Before you enroll in any program, you should be sure to research your options carefully to find which is the best for your situation.

There is a lot of variety in the types of careers you can get with a master’s degree in econometrics, but most of them fall into either consultation or policy creation. If you work for the government to create the policies, you can help make the business world a more secure place. On the other hand, you could come on to help individual companies thrive in the economy, either with a permanent position or through a consultation.

If you are interested in economics and mathematics, consider enrolling in an econometric program. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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MA in Economics

San Diego State University
Sep 2021
2 years
01 Mar 2021

The MA program in economics provides students with advanced training in decision-making techniques and quantitative analysis by building on a core of applied microeconomic and ...

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