Master of Art Degrees in Decorative Arts

An MA, or Master of Arts, is a graduate degree that students can take after having completed college. This path of study allows graduates to specialize in a given field, readying them for a number of careers.

One MA degree that students may choose to pursue is an MA in Decorative Arts. What is an MA in Decorative Arts? This degree is designed for incoming students with a high level of interest and experience in artistic technique. The coursework is intended to hone these existing skills and to foster a greater understanding of art generally. In the case of most programs, students are given the chance to specialize in the medium of their choice, such as charcoal, clay or paint. There are often prerequisite courses that students must complete before enrolling in these programs, including basic art courses and sometimes art history courses. Be sure to look into the prerequisites of the programs you consider.

The main benefit to taking an MA in Decorative Arts is the fact that it opens the door for a wide range of personal expression. Students are given the opportunity to discover and explore their unique artistic taste and style, creating a foundation for a lifetime of rewarding artistic creativity.

Each MA program will involve different expenses, including enrollment fees, registration costs and tuition. The best way to determine the total cost of a given program is to contact the school directly through the admissions office.

The vast majority of students who enroll in an MA in Decorative Arts program go on to pursue careers within the fine arts. Having gained an MA in ceramics, for example, a graduate can teach ceramics classes, open a studio or serve as the chairperson of a fine arts society. Students have many of the tools necessary to become successful art critics, as well. Most graduates, regardless of their professional goals, continue practicing their artistic skills for years to come.

If a career in this field sounds right for you, there is no reason to delay your goals. You can begin the application process here with our searchable database of MA programs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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