Master of Art Programs in Data Science

A Master of Arts (MA) provides students with an opportunity to pursue further education in their selected field. These programs most often follow the completion of a Bachelor of Arts course of study. Completing an MA can help students broaden their opportunities in a particular field.

What is an MA in Data Science? This course of study can help students gain a better understanding of the information that drives industry, economics, business and academics across the globe. Most importantly, students may be able to develop extensive knowledge of how to manage data and analyze its impact on individuals, organizations and populations. Courses commonly cover topics in research methods, information seeking behavior, evidence databases, digital rights and information organizations. Students may also have the option to gain even deeper knowledge of technological methods and information sources.

These programs may come with a number of benefits. In a growing information-based global culture, businesses and organizations need to maintain complete and accurate information databases. The knowledge necessary to acquire and understand this information can make program graduates more desirable job candidates and may increase their earning potential.

When looking at programs, students may need to carefully consider the cost, which is greatly dependent on the institution selected. Additionally, programs often take one to three years to complete, and duration can impact the price. Some brief research can help students find a program that is right for them.

There may be a variety of careers available for successful graduates, and students may be able to find positions in a range of industries. Many students choose to pursue positions at prominent national and local libraries in countries around the world. However, other scholars may find themselves in government organizations, large corporations and health services. Also, depending on specializations, students may also be able to gain employment in the financial and legal fields.

Earning an MA in Data Science can potentially open a number of doors to graduates. Program options exist across the globe, and online options can be excellent for students with location and time restrictions. To begin your new educational path, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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MA in Data, Culture and Society

University of Westminster

We live in an age where almost everything of what we do is connected to data. Big data and datafication - the increasing transformation of multiple aspects of everyday lives i ...

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