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An MA (Master of Arts) is a degree that is earned as a postgraduate. An MA can be pursued either full-time by current students, or part-time by working professionals. Earning a master’s degree can open up more career doors or lead to a promotion or raise.

What is an MA in Dance Studies? This program explores the different cultural, artistic, and social concepts of movement to music or rhythm. There are many forms of dancing, which range from traditional and ancient, to modern and brand-new inventions. Each program will vary, but in general students will study the history of dance as well as interpretation and cultural influences. They will also build skills in musicology, methodologies and techniques for choreography, dance therapy, and dance instruction.

Students in the master’s program for dance have grand opportunities to build creative, intellectual, and conceptual skills and attitudes that will benefit many areas of life. From a professional standpoint, graduates have a leg up on the competition in many international opportunities.

Students who want to pursue a master’s degree in dance can apply to schools all over the world. Although there are many opportunities to study globally, the costs of tuition can vary quite a bit. Once you have decided on a couple of favorite institutions it is smart to contact them directly to find out financial obligations.

Graduates with an MA in Dance Studies are prepared to work in a number of career areas. If choreography is of interest, graduates are prepared to work for an agency, academy, university, or professional company. Other career opportunities include dance teachers, performing artists, and research scholars in the fields of education and dance. This degree prepares students to work as employees, for freelance work, or as self-employed individuals.

You can begin researching schools right now to find the right one for you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

3 Results in Dance Studies

MA in Professional Practice Dance Technique Pedagogy

Middlesex University London
Campus Part-time 1 - 2 years October 2019 United Kingdom London UK Online + 1 more

The MA Professional Practice in Dance Technique Pedagogy is a highly flexible postgraduate qualification designed for newly qualified or experienced dance teachers working in and beyond schools. This is a low residency programme using online/distance learning, with the opportunity to visit Middlesex University's London campus. The programme has been developed especially to allow you to continue working, integrating your professional expertise with academic learning.

Master in Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy

Utrecht University
Campus Full-time Part-time 1 year September 2019 Netherlands Utrecht + 1 more

Contemporary performance practices are increasingly hybrid projects that approach and transcend the borders of theatre, dance, visual arts, music, media and daily life. Theatre and dance are inextricably linked with other media that shape our reality; they extend beyond the theatre’s walls and inject themselves into our daily lives.

Master of Arts in Dance

Zurich University of the Arts
Campus Full-time 2 years February 2020 Switzerland Zürich

The Master of Arts in Dance offers two specializations: Choreography, on one hand, Teaching and Coaching Dance Professionals on the other. It builds the choreographic and teaching skills needed to work with dance professionals and to qualify for the relevant professions. Coursework includes choreographic methods, teaching skills, and artistic research with a view to developing an individual artist or teaching profile. The programme promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and helps students to establish a sustainable network within the international field of dance.