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When students and professionals begin their academic careers, sometimes a Master of Arts is the ultimate goal. The graduate-level degree can often lead to promotion or management positions in various industries. In fact, the achievement may be a requirement for further personal or professional advancement.

What is an MA in Cyber Security? This educational program is usually a multi-disciplinary course involving law, technology, business, science and management training.  Students learn how to protect cyber assets against cyber threats such as hackers and viruses. The curriculum centers on prevention, protection, investigation and digital forensics. Scholars study the human aspects of this field and prepare themselves for a number of IT occupations.

Undergraduates and professionals choose to complete a master’s in cyber security as a means of advancement. Many jobs in this field require higher educations because of the intricate demands of virtual systems. The skills developed in these programs can also help foster entrepreneurial enterprises.

The level of expense differs from program to program. Completing a course internationally will usually incur higher total costs, though online instruction may be able to avoid the additional fees. It is imperative for prospective students to consider the financial commitments as heavily as the time constraints.

Graduates are hired in various capacities as security analysts, engineers, managers and auditors. Many top companies look for educated individuals to fill their open positions. In particular, government agencies frequently prefer candidates with higher degrees of education as they go through resumes and the hiring process. Intelligence and surveillance-based operations always need to protect digital resources, so graduates can often find jobs with these types of organizations as chief security officers or senior managers.

Online courses are internationally available for Master of Arts in Cyber Security programs. These are great options for working professionals and those that have other major responsibilities. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security (DMGS)

DMGS' M.A. in Intelligence focuses on the collection, analysis, analytical presentation, and counterintelligence in both the public and the private sector. ... [+]

Program Summary

DMGS' M.A. in Intelligence focuses on both the public and private sector use of intelligence examining missions, methods, and organizational structures. It examines and interprets the four major elements of intelligence – collection, analysis, analytical presentation, and counterintelligence. This program also examines new fields of intelligence such as private sector use of intelligence, homeland security, and cyber.

Graduates of this degree program will be able to: Articulate the strategic significance, aims, strategy, tradecraft, and culture of the elements of intelligence, evaluate each element, and the skills and aptitude required for this work. Anticipate cur... [-]
USA Washington
September 2019
Swansea University

Our MA Cyber Crime and Terrorism will expose you to the constantly changing nature of online crimes and criminal behaviour in order to understand the threats, trends, iss ... [+]

Our MA Cyber Crime and Terrorism will expose you to the constantly changing nature of online crimes and criminal behaviour in order to understand the threats, trends, issues and responses in terrorism and cybersecurity as well as the crucial ethical questions.

Key Features

Our MA Cyber Crime and Terrorism offers students the opportunity to:

Examine issues related to the cyber-realm from an interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional perspective which offers a unique look at the issues. Engage directly with project work and with stakeholders who can provide insights and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the subject area. Choose from a wide variety of modules available across the Hillary Rodham School of Law. The opportunity to specialise in particular areas of cybercrime and/or online terrorism through an MA dissertation. Description ... [-]
United Kingdom Swansea
September 2019
1 - 2 years